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TES Enterprise Solutions saw an opportunity to help companies seeking competitive advantage in IT achieve their goals without letting cost or complexity escalate.


The technology specialist enables clients to take advantage of IBM Z®, IBM LinuxONE and IBM Storage solutions to increase business performance and efficiency.



security, performance, resilience and more for TES Enterprise Solutions’ clients


higher cost and energy efficiency alongside easier scalability for clients


rise in revenues and workforce for TES Enterprise Solutions

Business challenge story

Turning challenge into opportunity

In a crowded technology landscape, it is increasingly difficult for companies to choose the path that will set them apart from their competitors. However, it’s a decision worth investing in, as making the right choice can enable true differentiation. 

Rob Davis, Business Development Executive at TES Enterprise Solutions, explains, “Over the last few years, organizations of all sizes have been investing heavily in a move to the cloud. However, many of them are finding out that replicating the IT strategy of a born-in-the-cloud enterprise isn’t as simple or cost-effective as promised when you’re not starting from scratch. We saw an opportunity to guide these companies to IT architecture that gives them a head start on their competition.”

For many established enterprises, embracing a hybrid multicloud approach may be better than opting for a “cloud-first” strategy. Due to legal, technical or business requirements, an organization’s IT needs could be better addressed by a combination of public cloud and on-premises infrastructure. TES Enterprise Solutions helps its clients determine the best approach and realize significant benefits, such as improving security, management, efficiency, agility, and overall economics. 

“In a cloud environment, costs tend to scale linearly as revenue grows,” comments Davis. “You can also end up with thousands of x86 servers to accommodate an expanding business, which isn’t the most environmentally friendly approach. It was obvious to us that while cloud is the answer for some workloads, it isn’t the panacea for all. We aim to identify the best platform for each of our clients’ systems—which often means creating an open hybrid cloud IT environment for them.”

From companies in the arts to manufacturing, media to financial services, we’ve built agile, cost-effective and stable IT platforms on IBM technology.

Rob Davis, Business Development Executive, TES Enterprise Solutions

Transformation story

Creating platforms for innovation

TES Enterprise Solutions is helping its clients realize the potential of IBM Z, IBM LinuxONE and IBM Storage technologies, demonstrating their power as part of an open hybrid multicloud IT strategy. 

“IBM Z is still the high-performance, ultra-stable platform that organizations have relied on to support huge numbers of transactions for years,” says Davis. “What people might not realize is that it can now integrate seamlessly into an open hybrid multicloud IT infrastructure—and we can help companies extend IBM Z’s security capabilities across their environment. For example, with the Data Privacy Passports feature on IBM z15, clients can choose who accesses data, and when and at what level to revoke their access. It’s designed to protect 100 percent of their Z data, at-rest and in-flight with no performance trade-off or application changes.”

He adds, “IBM LinuxONE III will speed time to market supporting both private and public cloud via Linux, Kubernetes and industry-standard tools. This, together with the plans for Red Hat OpenShift support, enables both the IBM z15 and LinuxONE to significantly increase options for cloud integration and digital transformation.”

Davis continues, “When you look at the overall cost profile, IBM Z and IBM LinuxONE can be just as competitive over the long-term as a distributed approach. Meanwhile, software-defined IBM Storage solutions give companies flexibility and control of data as it continues to grow exponentially.”

Distributed servers can cost less upfront but soon make a bigger dent in your bottom line than IBM technology and can constrain growth. Choosing centralized IBM solutions can be the greener option too.

Rob Davis, Business Development Executive, TES Enterprise Solutions

Results story

Seeing IBM technology in action

The TES Enterprise Solutions team boasts a combined 200 years’ experience of working for and with IBM clients, making them ideally placed to help companies get the most out of IBM technology. The technology specialist is positioning IBM Z at the heart of existing users’ IT strategies, and inspiring companies to deploy IBM Z and IBM LinuxONE servers in greenfield implementations. 

“We’ve successfully deployed IBM Z, IBM LinuxONE and IBM Storage for organizations of all sizes in a wide range of industries,” remarks Davis. “From companies in the arts to manufacturing, media to financial services, we’ve built agile, cost-effective and stable IT platforms on IBM technology. We turn complex enterprise-level problems into simple, measurable and progressive outcomes the first time we try.” 

He continues, “A good example is Cognition Foundry, an IT service provider that works with startups to change the world. Their mission is to use technology to enable world-changing ideas to become reality. Their clients have a wide range of technical requirements—from protecting, processing and analyzing large volumes of data to rapid scaling of DevOps environments for global solutions. It was imperative that their IT environment could cater for a vast array of needs while matching the budget of startup organizations. We designed a tailored hybrid multicloud solution comprising IBM LinuxONE, IBM Storage, IBM Power Systems, IBM Cloud and IBM Blockchain technologies that allows them to serve their growing client base successfully.”

Ron Argent, CEO and Founder of Cognition Foundry, comments, “IBM technology is unique in delivering scale and simplicity, making it the ideal platform for us to support philanthropic startups in making their mark. TES was able to procure and design the right technology to power our vision.”

Standing out from the competition

TES Enterprise Solutions builds on what differentiates IBM Z, IBM LinuxONE and IBM Storage technologies to help its clients achieve competitive advantage. The company encourages clients to look at the full picture when it comes to costs; including how much it will cost to scale up the environment if their business demands grow and how many people they need to manage the infrastructure.

Davis comments, “Once you take all these factors into account, distributed servers can cost less upfront but soon make a bigger dent in your bottom line than IBM technology and can constrain growth. Choosing centralized IBM solutions can be the greener option too—with impending Data Center Zero carbon emission targets, the ability to consolidate thousands of x86 Linux cores into a single LinuxONE III server would dramatically reduce energy consumption, not to mention reducing license costs significantly as well.”

TES Enterprise Solutions continues to expand to support the ever-changing IT landscape and meet the significant increase in demand it sees year on year. 

Davis concludes, “We are continuing to make substantial investment in our skilled team of specialists and broadening partnerships. This allows us to meet the demands of our clients to build customized architecture solutions on IBM Systems technologies and deliver outstanding business results every time, first time.” 

TES Enterprise Solutions

TES Enterprise Solutions prides itself on a pioneering approach to designing technology architecture. The company aims to build IT foundations for clients that is fit-for-purpose and delivers optimal results. 

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