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TeeVid redefines virtual events with IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers and IBM Watson Media Streaming
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TeeVid isn’t like most startups. From the very beginning, the online event provider has been global, with offices in Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and North America. Its events, too, have always been global.

Whether it’s an all-hands company meeting being streamed from Singapore or a rock concert being recorded in Chicago, TeeVid strives to give event organizers and attendees a great experience with a blend of live video streams, pre-recorded videos, graphics, and text.

In 2021, TeeVid began using a cloud-based, software-as-a-service model. However, because of its geographical diversity, TeeVid had to sign up with multiple local cloud vendors to deliver its services. That worked at first, especially when events were limited to a single geography. But before long, the organization found that its cloud posture was becoming unwieldy.

For example, if an event spanned several geographic areas, TeeVid’s small team was forced to use multiple cloud platforms with multiple content delivery networks at the same time — a risky proposition, according to Adi Nathan, Chief Executive Officer and Founder. “If an event had participants connected from Australia and the US, the broadcast would have to go through different cloud providers, which put us in a very vulnerable position,” he explains.

Standardized Cloud


Standardizing on IBM Cloud resulted in 25% lower costs

Cost Savings


Connectivity between worldwide data centers made bandwidth costs 10% lower

IBM’s streaming capabilities, along with its AI services and its worldwide coverage, met our criteria very well. Adi Nathan Founder and Chief Executive Officer TeeVid

Furthermore, using multiple cloud platforms meant monitoring multiple dashboards and driving up expenses very quickly. TeeVid needed to standardize on a single cloud platform — one that could meet its technical requirements, handle automated switching of content delivery networks and support events with minimal latency, regardless of where they occurred or were viewed.

TeeVid found the right fit with IBM Cloud® Bare Metal Servers and IBM Watson® Media solutions. “IBM’s streaming capabilities, along with its AI services and its worldwide coverage, met our criteria very well,” says Nathan.

An engaging, interactive experience

TeeVid’s online events are typically quite video heavy, whether they consist of pre-produced video footage, live streams, or a combination of the two. For an event to be successful, it must not have any sort of delay. “We have all our development and CI/CD servers in the IBM Cloud too, so it greatly minimizes the time required to deploy new servers and handle dynamic rapidly changing demand in general.” explains Nathan.

The servers are located in geographically diverse IBM data centers, which further reduces the risk of latency. “Video has a very wide bandwidth. If it has too many hops on the way to its destination, latency can accumulate. Distributed data centers are key to our success because we can minimize those hops,” says Nathan.

Even with very low latency, keeping virtual attendees engaged can be a challenge. TeeVid meets this challenge head on with a variety of interactive tools. “We’re doing things in the virtual world that you can’t do in the physical world,” Nathan explains. “Instead of a static presentation, we provide a dynamic experience with tools like polls, votes, and interaction with hosts, panelists and attendees. It’s all aimed at keeping things interesting and engaging.”

To that end, TeeVid delivers events on a customizable video player that allows viewers to switch from streaming to interactive. “You push a button to raise your hand and specify why you want to join. If the host or event administrator accepts you, you’re converted to interactive for however long you’re needed, then returned to streaming when you’re done. The whole lifecycle is based on IBM Watson Media for streaming,” says Nathan.

With IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers, our videos are processed constantly, without any sharing or the latency it can cause. Adi Nathan Founder and Chief Executive Officer TeeVid
Reduced costs, better service

TeeVid has seen numerous improvements from standardizing on IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers with IBM Watson Media. In fact, moving from a multicloud environment to an IBM-only posture has reduced overall costs by approximately 25%. TeeVid’s connectivity costs have also gone down as a result of using the worldwide network of IBM data centers. Traffic no longer goes over the internet, which means costs are approximately 10% lower.

Furthermore, TeeVid’s employees no longer have to manage multiple dashboards or deal with multiple support teams. In fact, Nathan reports that the service and support he receives from IBM has been phenomenal. “We don’t even have to open cases or go through the common way of reporting an incident and getting an automatic email. We just approach the IBM team, whether that’s in Europe or the US or somewhere else, and they fix it. It works beautifully,” he concludes.

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About TeeVid

Founded in 2017, TeeVidExternal Link is a virtual and hybrid event producer. Its technology helps streamline the process of creating, producing and broadcasting events that maximize audience engagement. Based in Israel, the company employs about 20 people in strategic locations all over the world. TeeVid is proud to have produced more than 40,000 events in its first four years.

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