A scalable, cloud-based online video platform that is an end-to-end solution for live or on-demand content to external audiences. Managed from a dashboard by account administrators, IBM Video Streaming supports both ease-of-use and complex setups while being able to scale through built-in multi-CDN support. This solution is used for employee communications; commercial or academic or public service virtual conferences; commercial promotion; government proceedings; concerts or other entertainment; or other virtual services or events, such as recreational classes, weddings, funerals or religious services.
IBM Video Streaming for presentations

Convert video viewers to customers

Attract and support massive audiences for their your events, while being able to track performance with real-time measurement.

Simplify video communications

IBM’s cloud based video streaming solution securely broadcasts live and on-demand events to external and internal audiences on any device.

Improve employee engagement

Disengaged employees and related turnover represents significant cost to companies. Learn how to use video to keep employees focused and unified.

Key Features

  • HD live broadcasting
  • Recording of broadcasts
  • Mobile compatible player
  • Video Distribution and Workflow
  • Live chat and Q&A
  • Multi-CDNs
  • Quality of service player
  • Live playlists with looping
  • Customizable channel page

Security and privacy in the cloud

When using IBM Cloud offerings, your company can scale and adapt quickly to changing business needs without compromising security, privacy or risk levels. Learn more about IBM Cloud security

This offering meets the following industry and global compliance standards, depending on the edition you choose.

  • ISO 27001
  • PCI-DSS for Payment Card Industry USA

To learn about the compliance and certifications for a specific offering edition, consult the Cloud Services data security and privacy data sheets.


Which option is right for you?

Free 30-day Trial

Test drive video streaming. Broadcast to an audience of any size (up to 5 concurrent viewers without ads) and access advanced broadcasting features for 30 days.


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