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Virtual events and video streaming platform

Virtual events are a requirement in the future of hybrid workplaces and protecting a company’s confidentiality is paramount in the digital world. Capabilities include live stream, simulated live, auto-archive, and video on-demand content management to boost overall reach and engagement. Use IBM Video Streaming solutions to stream virtual events, executive town halls, video marketing product launches, and OTT streaming. Built for privacy, reliability and scale, to optimize video quality, and powered by IBM Watson AI for video search and automated closed captioning, our video solutions are used by thousands of companies worldwide.

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Benefits Automate with AI

Leverage AI to take video a step further while reducing manual effort. Automate live stream captioning, unlock video analytics, power video search and more.

Reliable Worldwide Delivery

Reach virtually unlimited live streaming audience sizes across the globe and keep attendees connected. By using a multi-CDN (Content Delivery Network) infrastructure, you can.

Protect Confidentiality

Protect your company brand from event eavesdroppers, while supporting viewers across devices, like iOS and Android. Multiple layers of protection and encryption help instill confidence in digital experiences.

Features See full feature matrix AI-driven deep video search

Through automated, AI-driven transcription, video content can be searched at the library level, returning results based on keyword searches. Viewers can jump to specific moments based on AI insights.

Host events for massive audiences

Attract and support massive audiences for their your events, while being able to track performance with real-time measurement.

Security-rich video solution

Intelligently restrict access to corporate video assets. Easily integrate with corporate directory systems for single sign-on, or use email authentication, enabling individual user tracking.

Make it yours with a video portal

Provide a hosted, company branded and customizable portal to access video content and digital events, or leverage APIs to pull the experience into a custom-built event microsite.

Mobile compatible player

Live and on-demand videos are viewable on virtually all devices with any screen size or bandwidth with automatic bitrate switching for improved experience.

Video Distribution and Workflow

Simplify ingesting and compiling of metadata.

Live chat and Q&A

Utilize real time chat and Q&A modules, with built-in user management, moderation, emojis and user upvoting.


Multiple CDN (content delivery network) switching for improved global reach and scalability.

Live playlists with looping

Schedule videos to playback at specific times or trigger automatic looped playback of simulated live broadcasts.

Customizable channel page

Highlight past broadcasts, upcoming shows, and other important information for your viewers on a custom branded channel page.

Automated closed captioning

Leverage AI with speech recognition for automatic captioning on live broadcasts and online video.

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Developer APIs

Create your own streaming applications, customize interfaces, analyze engagement and more with video streaming developer tools.

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IBM Enterprise Video Streaming
IBM Enterprise Video Streaming can power security-rich video communications ranging from employee town halls, to trainings and department meetings, to digital events – boosting engagement from virtually anywhere. This cloud-based solution includes AI-driven deep search and the ability to track usage down to the individual user level with metrics as detailed as when content was accessed, device information, geographic location of the viewer and completion percentage.  Watch an IBM Enterprise Video Streaming Demo (18:36)

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IBM Video Streaming

Live broadcasting and on-demand video service for reaching large audiences via open or password protected channels.

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IBM Enterprise Video Streaming

Live and on-demand streaming with features to protect sensitive content with granular access control, registration and tracking.

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IBM Digital Event Microsite
IBM’s virtual event solution with Microsite allows customers to setup their own fully functioning and branded event website with built-in registration and attendee management. Each virtual event has a start and end date, can span one or many days, and can support one or many online stages (live channels) at the same time. See the Microsite Demo (9:00)
Security and privacy in the cloud

When using IBM Cloud offerings, your company can scale and adapt quickly to changing business needs without compromising security, privacy or risk levels. 

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This offering meets the following industry and global compliance standards, depending on the edition you choose.

  • ISO 27001
  • PCI-DSS for Payment Card Industry USA

To learn about the compliance and certifications for a specific offering edition, consult the Cloud Services data security and privacy data sheets.

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