Business challenge

Sincrolab S.L. needed highly reliable, security‑rich infrastructure to host its newly developed cognitive stimulation solution for patients suffering from neurological disorders and impairments.


The company launched its offering in an IBM Cloud bare metal server environment and anticipates developing a self-learning diagnostic component for its platform with IBM Watson services.


50% faster development

and release of new features with the easy-to-use IBM Cloud platform

Provides service availability

to meet demands for anywhere, anytime access

Protects customer data

with IBM infrastructure, positioning the company to secure funding and win new business

Business challenge story

Creating a more convenient treatment alternative

For a patient suffering from a neurological or cognitive impairment, regular visits to a medical facility for treatment add time and expense to an already challenging situation. To focus on creating a more convenient alternative, practicing neuropsychologist Nacho de Ramón formed Sincrolab. “Patients spend a lot of time getting to and from their sessions,” says de Ramón. “Our company aims to both reduce transportation time and improve overall treatment effectiveness by providing a technology platform for home use.”

The Sincrolab team developed an application designed to help medical professionals create personalized cognitive stimulation programs, allowing patients to play games and perform exercises on personal computing devices. For the solution to succeed in the marketplace, the company needed to find a highly reliable, security-rich hosting platform to support anywhere, anytime access to its services.

When we say that our data is in an IBM environment, [customers and investors] know that Sincrolab is offering a secure service.

Nacho de Ramón, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Sincrolab S.L.

Transformation story

Going to market on an IBM Cloud platform

Sincrolab entered an IBM-sponsored fast-track competition for startup businesses, winning top honors for its innovative solution. Awarded IBM Cloud credits for its victory, the company worked with IBM to further enhance its platform’s functionality, launching the offering in an IBM Cloud bare metal server environment hosted in the Netherlands.

Currently providing its solution to a wide range of hospitals, schools and specialized medical centers throughout Spain, Sincrolab will continue growing its customer base and expanding its platform’s capabilities. The business anticipates developing cognitive functionality with IBM Watson technology, creating a self-learning diagnostic component for its offering.

Results story

Offering security-rich service customers rely on

With IBM Cloud technology underpinning its cognitive stimulation platform, Sincrolab can provide the service availability its customer base requires. “We didn’t have a 100 percent guarantee with our previous provider that our service wouldn’t fail,” says de Ramón. “IBM offers us a whole new kind of confidence.”

Plus, the IBM reputation for security-rich cloud hosting and data protection is critical for the company in continuing to receive funding and win new business. “All of our potential investors and customers ask us about our privacy policy,” says de Ramón. “When we say that our data is in an IBM environment, they know that Sincrolab is offering a secure service.”

Finally, with the easy-to-use IBM Cloud platform, Sincrolab greatly accelerates its development cycles. “We can create and release new features faster, cheaper and more easily than before,” says de Ramón. “We’ve reduced our development time by at least 50 percent.”


Sincrolab S.L.

Founded by a neuropsychologist, Sincrolab S.L. develops IT solutions to support the rehabilitation of patients with neurodevelopmental impairments and disorders. The company’s cornerstone platform is designed to help hospitals, clinics and educational organizations throughout Spain design, deliver and track personalized at-home cognitive treatment programs. Sincrolab was established in 2013 and is headquartered in Madrid.

Solution components

  • IBM Bluemix
  • IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers

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