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Today, using data effectively is a key differentiator. Silverstring set out to develop a service that enables its clients to access their data, regardless of event or threat, wherever it resides.


Silverstring built Alchemis Protect, which embeds IBM Spectrum Protect or IBM Spectrum Protect Plus to give users comprehensive data availability on premises, in the cloud or between the two.



Silverstring’s Sleep Easy Guarantee™: a 100% data restore promise


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the need for Silverstring’s clients to manage multiple backup and recovery products

Business challenge story

Moving from managing to using data

It’s said that data is the new natural resource; tapping into it effectively can give companies a vital edge over the competition. However, enterprises must always have access to data to use it successfully. It’s common for companies to have multiple data silos on premises and in the cloud, with data growing exponentially across all of them, making it difficult to ensure availability across the board.

Steve Miller, Chief Technology Officer at Silverstring, says: “Every business leader wants to understand their customers better. To do this, they set up big data initiatives focused on delving deeper into customer data. But these efforts will only be successful if they have systems in place to protect and manage data – which can be complicated. We realized that most companies would benefit from putting data protection and management processes into the hands of experts, so that they can focus on enhancing their services.”

Silverstring began developing a new data availability service that works with the diverse data environments companies have today. It aimed to protect data and enable fast recovery across cloud and on premises environments and integrate seamlessly with clients’ existing IT systems. Recognizing that low barriers to adoption for the new service and the flexibility to adapt alongside customer landscapes would be crucial to success, it started looking for the right technology to make its vision a reality.

“We wanted to target cloud-builders: people tasked with providing a service to their stakeholders, whether that’s customers or business users,” explains Miller. “Our new offering would give them enterprise-class data availability, without the costs of owning hardware and software assets or retaining skills in-house.”

With IBM Spectrum Protect, [customers] get end-to-end coverage across their environments so no data slips through the cracks.

Steve Miller, Chief Technology Officer, Silverstring

Transformation story

Bringing Alchemis Protect to life

Silverstring created Alchemis Protect, a data availability service built on IBM Spectrum Protect and IBM Spectrum Protect Plus solutions. The pay-monthly service can back up data on premises or in the cloud, or between the two, located on physical or virtual machines. It supports all major operating systems and databases, and includes self-service functionality, analytics, reporting and invoice management through an intuitive cloud-based application.

“IBM Spectrum Protect has been around for 20 years, making it a very mature technology that has evolved to accommodate a variety of workloads,” comments Miller. “The recently released IBM Spectrum Protect Plus offers even more powerful capabilities around operational recovery that help us differentiate our service.”

Using IBM Spectrum Protect and Spectrum Protect Plus Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), Silverstring was able to integrate its own solutions with the IBM technology with ease. Specifically, the company created a menu of services underpinned by the IBM tools that enables clients to fulfill their data availability needs without interacting with the underlying technology. It is so straightforward that non-IT specialists can use the service, reducing clients’ reliance on skills that are in short supply. Silverstring also developed a management layer that tracks asset use by application owner or business group alongside cost management, giving users unprecedented visibility.

Miller adds: “IBM gives us access to beta versions of their new products, allowing us to start developing services based on them very quickly. We can build on the capabilities of the IBM Spectrum technology to create value-added solutions that blend into client environments. For Alchemis Protect users, the benefit is that they can start enjoying the value of the latest IBM innovations sooner.”

IBM Spectrum Protect and Spectrum Protect Plus technology is designed for today’s IT landscapes, where resources are very fluid, and environments might need to be spun up or down at short notice.

Steve Miller, Chief Technology Officer, Silverstring

Results story

Turning business data into competitive gold

By combining the comprehensive data protection and reuse capabilities of the IBM solutions with its own expertise, Silverstring ensures that clients can access their data anytime, no matter what happens.

“Our Alchemis Protect service comes with a 100 percent restore guarantee,” says Miller. “Customers can choose either the service supported by IBM Spectrum Protect or Protect Plus or both. With IBM Spectrum Protect, they get end-to-end coverage across their environments so no data slips through the cracks. If they choose Spectrum Protect Plus, they gain rapid and simple VM protection, facilitate instant data recovery and enable data reuse.”

Powered by IBM Spectrum Protect and IBM Spectrum Protect Plus, the service protects client environments extremely rapidly, and can use IBM Cloud™ resources to scale up the solution to meet customer demands while only charging users for what they use. It can also adjust implementations dynamically, helping it adapt to changing client requirements. Miller adds: “IBM Spectrum Protect and Spectrum Protect Plus technology is designed for today’s IT landscapes, where resources are very fluid, and environments might need to be spun up or down at short notice.”

The interoperability of the IBM solutions enables Silverstring to fulfill a wide range of client needs, ensuring that its Alchemis Protect offering has a broad appeal.

Miller concludes: “We’re confident that Alchemis Protect addresses a gap in the marketplace, helping clients of all sizes use data to its full potential wherever it resides. IBM Spectrum Protect Plus plays a key role in supporting us in delivering this service reliably and transparently. Consequently, our clients can concentrate on what they do best, confident that their data is in the best possible hands.”

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For 16 years, Silverstring has used its strengths and experience to help enterprises protect their data and solve their challenges across security, availability and preservation. Headquartered in Bloxham, Oxfordshire in the UK, the company protects 53.2 PB of data for clients.

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