Not only does Aspera make life easy for our customers, but it also simplifies the process for us because now we have a single entry point for files entering our facility

Sandra Buerger, Senior Manager, Content Management Engineering, SES Platform Services

Business Challenge story

As a service provider, SES Platform Services has to tailor the delivery workflow to suit the needs of different customers and their content providers. Thus they were looking for an advanced solution that would enable tight integration into their existing master system and offer the flexibility to accommodate different workflow steps and diverse client requirements. SES Platform Services needed a fast, reliable transfer mechanism to speed up video deliveries to VOD platforms worldwide and provide ease-of-use and efficiency for customer uploads to their media management platform.


IBM® Aspera® Connect Server speeds ingest and delivery of large video files, while IBM® Aspera® Orchestrator complements their existing in-house workflow engine with automated file delivery into SES’ facilities, enabling SES to combine all internal and external file transfers in one application that is tightly integrated within SES’ diverse environment with evolving requirements.


Using Aspera, SES is able to receive several hundred files, amounting to three terabytes of data, each day from their customers. Additionally, Aspera completes approximately 100 outgoing file transfers to VOD platforms in the US, Germany and around the world. As a core part of their IT infrastructure, Aspera has remained a crucial and reliable system for managing complex workflows, receiving content from customers and delivering files to VOD platforms at maximum speed.

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