Business challenge

To deliver its next-generation receipts management solution to financial institutions, Sensibill Inc. needed to team with a trusted cloud services provider offering security-rich hosting infrastructure.


Sensibill joined the IBM Global Entrepreneur Program and launched its new offering on an enterprise-strength IBM Cloud platform hosted in two IBM Cloud data centers in Canada.


Establishes trust

with potential customers by backing a cutting-edge application with services from a cloud leader

Gains support

and access to expertise through the IBM Global Entrepreneur Program for startup businesses

Easily extends offering

to additional markets in the UK and the US with the IBM global data center footprint

Business challenge story

Envisioning next-generation receipts management

As fintech companies continue to disrupt the financial industry with innovative new applications and services, banks are under increasing pressure to keep pace. To retain customers in a rapidly shifting landscape, traditional financial institutions need to provide the mobile capabilities and individualized service experience today’s banking consumers demand.

Sensibill created its next-generation receipts management offering to help banks and other financial service providers stay up to speed and remain competitive. However, to successfully bring its solution to market, the company needed to team with a well-established cloud services provider. “Since our customers are financial institutions, security is of paramount concern,” says Jamie Alexander, Sensibill Chief Technology Officer and Cofounder.

The IBM hosting solution answered a lot of questions from our banking customers about our ability to meet their security requirements.

Jamie Alexander, Chief Technology Officer, Sensibill Inc.

Transformation story

Trusting IBM for enterprise-strength services

Evaluating global cloud providers that included Amazon Web Services, Sensibill determined that an IBM Cloud hosting solution was the optimal fit for its requirements. “It’s very appealing to us that IBM offers an enterprise-strength cloud platform with multiple data centers in Canada,” says Alexander. “And on top of that is our relationship with IBM. We have deep roots in the IBM community and a certain level of trust in people there.”

Sensibill joined the IBM Global Entrepreneur Program, provisioning IBM Cloud infrastructure in IBM Cloud data centers located in Montreal and Toronto, Canada, to host its receipts management offering. “The IBM Global Entrepreneur Program was very helpful from an economics perspective and in the access it provided to areas of expertise within IBM,” says Alexander.

Results story

Serving financial customers worldwide

After launching its new platform, Sensibill found that teaming with IBM was invaluable in establishing trust with financial organizations. “IBM’s reputation in cloud and as it relates to working with enterprise customers was key,” says Alexander. “In early conversations, the IBM hosting solution answered a lot of questions from our banking customers about our ability to meet their security requirements.”

In addition to serving leading banking institutions in North America and the United Kingdom, Sensibill will continue extending its offering to customers worldwide. “Based on client demand, we want to keep expanding into Europe and Latin America, so the global footprint is another benefit of working with IBM,” says Alexander.


Sensibill Inc.

Founded in 2013 and based in Toronto, Canada, Sensibill powers banking applications with a cloud-based service designed to help consumers manage line-item receipts. The business serves leading banks and financial institutions, providing cutting-edge capabilities that help engage customers and drive greater revenue.

Solution components

  • IBM Bluemix

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