My vision of the future is that progressively, training, the objects and the systems that we use for training, and the targets of that training, are going to be merged. And IoT, of course, will be a critical element in doing that. 

Hikmet Topcuoglu , General Manager , Savronik Electronik

Business Challenge

The client, Savronik, wanted to focus on providing professional training by using advanced techniques such as simulation. They wanted a solution that would enable them to seamlessly integrate these simulators with electromechanic equipment at their facilities.They also wanted a capable infrastructure to manage these IT capabilities.


Savronik Electronik uses IBM Blockchain and IoT technology to develop online simulation training with an efficient IT platform that met the client's need for connectivity and compliance.


The client engaged IBM Blockchain and IoT technology to provide a stable platform for advanced training applications. To consistently manage high-fidelity simulators and to integrate it with other electromechanic equipment at the facility, the client used IBM’s IT capabilities to design an IoT management layer within their application.


The IBM solution offerings aided Savronik in enhancing the connectivity between their training systems and other devices at their facilities, across multiple locations. IBM IoT technology helped set up an infrastructure in place which can manage all of these devices simultaneously. Training information provided by the simulators were available within the Blockchain since it assured the highest level of security for the data. This information was easily accessible by companies looking to hire new resources, and they could also check the trainees' scores and certifications, thus enabling a perfect match between finding skills and providing skills.

Solution Category

  • IBM Cloud
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