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Deluxe Corporation

Building better customer experiences and deeper relationships with future-ready marketing solutions

Businesses across the US and Canada turn to Deluxe for support with everything from designing logos to managing payrolls. To inspire customers to consume more of its services, Deluxe has upgraded to IBM® Campaign and Marketing Operations version 11 to streamline execution, identify customer segments and offer engaging, highly targeted experiences.

Shenzhen Resources Jiuxin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Cutting the cost of GMP compliance and facilitating international growth with IBM Notes and Domino

As new good manufacturing practices (GMP) regulations come into force for pharmaceutical manufacturers in China, Resources Jiuxin saw an opportunity to gain first-mover advantage. The company is designing digital GMP workflows driven by IBM® Notes® and IBM Domino®—setting it on course to reduce operational costs by up to 50 percent.

Takiwā secures data and platform, migrating to onshore IBM Cloud

Takiwā secures data and platform, migrating to onshore IBM Cloud

Takiwā is currently working to address challenges in sectors like health, education, culture and identity, social and environmental well-being and economic development. With a goal to better manage risk and compliance, Takiwā decided to migrate to IBM’s Commercial Cloud offering.


Making better decisions with the data at hand

NAVTICON, alongside IBM and IBM Business Partner Danicon ApS, developed an AI-based email scanning solution that delivers greater visibility into the vital business intelligence hidden in unstructured notices regarding cargo and vessel position. And with this information, users can more efficiently fill and route vessels across the globe.

Bridger Pipeline LLC

Protecting the environment with deep-learning AI on IBM Power Systems

To improve its sensitivity and speed of response to pipeline leaks, Bridger Pipeline LLC wanted to augment the capabilities of its control-center experts. Working with IBM, the company is deploying an artificial intelligence (AI) solution that uses deep-learning techniques to reduce false alarms and detect legitimate leaks rapidly and efficiently.

Herschend Family Entertainment

Creating personalized experiences that keep guests coming back for more

Herschend Family Entertainment (HFE) knows that a great guest experience can turn casual customers into lifelong visitors. That’s why the company uses IBM® Watson Campaign Automation to reach out to guests with personalized content and special offers—boosting engagement and encouraging guests to return to its properties time after time.

Unibank Commercial Bank Open Joint-Stock Co.

Detecting threats 15 times faster with a security intelligence platform

Banks house a lot of valuable information, and cybercriminals know it. To protect against breaches, Unibank engaged IBM Business Partner ScienceSoft to implement IBM® QRadar® SIEM software, gaining the ability to detect threats 15 times faster while facilitating compliance.


Delivers medicines to people in thousands of Indonesian islands faster, and at lower cost

How could pharmaceuticals distribution company APL win and retain new clients and better serve the people of the world’s largest island nation? By building digital workflows based on SAP HANA® applications running on IBM® Services for Managed SAP Applications, APL cuts costs and enables deep insight into healthcare needs.

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