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Pixit Media

Takes the media and entertainment industry by storm with solutions that keep the action rolling

As visual effects get more sophisticated, the computational demands of media and entertainment have risen sharply. In response, Pixit Media has become the UK’s leading provider of post-production software-defined solutions based on IBM Spectrum Storage™ technology, providing reliable performance and cost-efficiency to support blockbuster growth.


Expands its service portfolio with IBM Financial Transaction Manager

Looking to grow, transaction management service provider The European Business Process Institute (EBPI) wanted to launch a new SWIFT Payment Bureau service. With existing systems struggling to cope, EBPI selected IBM® Financial Transaction Manager on an IBM LinuxONE™ Rockhopper server, helping expand operations to 8 million transactions per month.

Amret MFI

Cuts overnight processing by 50% and accelerates in-branch services

Fast customer service is vital in banking: nobody likes waiting in line. At Amret MFI, growth in customers and transactions was impacting system response times and occasionally caused overnight batch processing to overrun into the working day. To maintain speedy service, the MFI upgraded to the latest IBM® Storwize® and IBM Power® technologies.


Tapping into new growth opportunities with fast, scalable and cost-efficient IBM systems

When market demand booms, firms must scale up or risk getting left in the dust. To position itself as the go-to bank for a new generation of upwardly mobile consumers, Vietnam’s Techcombank is embracing more customer-centric operations—using IBM® LinuxONE™ systems to power super-fast, always-on services, even as business volumes soar.


Serves up rich insight for investors

As interest rates stagnate, many investors are looking at the Dutch mortgage market as a cost-effective, low-risk option. To boost its appeal to investors, the Blauwtrust Group’s Dutch Mortgage Portfolio Management (DMPM) subsidiary looked to internal company Quion to optimize reporting, enabling richer insights that increase value.

Meridian IT Inc.

Solves clients’ business problems time after time with agile, cost-efficient cloud solutions

Cloud service providers can’t afford to play catch-up when responding to client requests – they must be able to adapt fast. To align customer environments to changing needs, Meridian IT Inc. relies on IBM solutions for agile storage management, helping it to bring enterprise cloud solutions to a wider market and to build a USD 200 million business.

Bank of Montreal (BMO)

Transforming customer interactions into real-time sales opportunities

BMO knows that every time a customer reaches out is a chance for deeper engagement. To drive conversion, the bank uses IBM® Interact to help deliver tailored, relevant and compelling offers on every channel—inspiring customers to embrace more of its services and boosting conversion by as much as three times the previous rate.

ProSearch Strategies Inc.

Finding evidence faster with the IBM Watson Explorer platform and expertise from The Dayhuff Group

ProSearch engaged IBM Business Partner The Dayhuff Group to deploy the IBM® Watson® Explorer cognitive platform. Trained to learn and understand legal terminology, the solution analyzes large email and chat data sets for clues and correlations indicative of bribery, helping accelerate the e-discovery process.

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