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Solutions Delivered…at SPEED

Reuven Leibovich - Systems Integration Performance Expert at Amdocs describes the challenges in delivering massive solution updates to their highly dispersed clients (IBM Aspera).

Cognition Foundry

Cognition Foundry: Helping startups tackle big challenges

Cedat 85

Turning speech into a digital asset with speech-to-text solutions based on powerful cognitive technology

Accents, dialects, languages, voices—transforming this information into a digital asset using automatic speech recognition is the mission of Cedat85, which develops solutions that capture value from the spoken word. Using IBM® Power Systems™ AC922 servers, the company accelerated training of neural network models, slashing time to market for its solutions.

Supreme Court of Virginia (SCVA)

Supporting 24/7 judicial services cost-efficiently on an ultra-secure, versatile IBM Z platform

For government organizations like SCVA, delivering secure, reliable, cost-effective services is crucial. To reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of its mission-critical IBM Z® infrastructure, SCVA has migrated applications to the latest generation of IBM Z® technology—delivering higher performance with fewer compute resources.

Zorlu Holding A.S.

An IT data center refresh drives business innovation for a Turkish conglomerate

Zorlu, a highly successful, innovative corporation comprising diverse businesses, aimed to be a market leader. However, to support that level of growth, it needed to refresh its entire IT infrastructure. Zorlu chose IBM® Services™ to consolidate its dispersed data centers, update its outdated technologies and manage its IT infrastructure.


Delivering infrastructure for today and tomorrow with IBM

AECOM accelerates design processes by 99 percent, enhances process delivery control and improves its ability to manage changes when it implements IBM Business Automation Workflow software.

Vision Banco

Increasing Customer Acceptance Rates with Better Machine Learning

Vision Banco was founded in 1992 and is based in Asuncion, Paraguay. They provide financial services to small and micro-sized companies in Paraguay. The bank’s data scientists were challenged to expand the credit card services of existing customers, easily determine credit risks with better accuracy and better predict payment defaults.

Asteria AB

IBM Cloud powers cashflow forecasting for the smaller enterprise

To help small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) with liquidity management and planning, Asteria created a smart cashflow service running on scalable IBM® Cloud™ infrastructure. With its IBM Cloud solution, the company can work in a flexible, open-source development framework while also addressing customer needs for security-rich data hosting.

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