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IRIS Financial Services S.A., a Canon company

Encouraging the sustainability of archived financial data

Filling an overlooked market need, IBM Business Partner IRIS launched a legal archiving platform that helps simplify compliance efforts while aligning with established best practices and client confidentially demands. The solution takes advantage of the virtualization features of IBM® Power® Systems and IBM System Storage™ hardware, which is designed for reliability.

ERI Bancaire

Private banking meets the public cloud

Targeting the private banking market, IBM Business Partner ERI Bancaire enhanced its core banking system to further support a software as a service (SaaS) model. Backed by the public IBM® Cloud™, the platform delivers a browser-based, real-time solution capable of customizing processes and workflows to meet variable business practices and regulations.

Blue NAP Americas

New cloud infrastructure becomes top revenue driver for Tier IV data center

Blue NAP Americas needed a new cloud platform that could deliver cloud services to customers from its Tier IV data center. The company turned to IBM® Services™ to help design, configure and deliver a solution based on VersaStack, a converged infrastructure solution jointly developed by IBM and Cisco. As a result, cloud services have become the top seller in the company’s portfolio.

Orion Labs

Infusing intelligence to bring group communication to a whole new level

TROIA d.o.o.

The information you need with just a glance

Wanting to help its customers simplify their asset management, IBM Business Partner TROIA d.o.o. launched its new TROIA AR solution. Supported by IBM® Maximo® software, the new offering uses augmented reality (AR) glasses to deliver work orders, job plans, knowledge transfer guides and asset-related information to support field staff in real time.

The Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information

A private cloud for research and development in Slovakia

The SCSTI offers a wealth of knowledge and information. But until recently, its infrastructure lacked the computing power scientists needed to conduct their work. By engaging IBM and IBM Business Partner Atos SE to deploy a private cloud and a host of IBM solutions, the center optimized its IT environment, speeding and enhancing end-user services and flexibility of providing services.

Hydro One Networks Inc.

Restoring customers’ power 33 percent faster with AI-driven weather insights

A large utility in Ontario, Canada, Hydro One needed to maintain service quality across 310,000 square miles of power lines, even during severe storms. With the Weather Company Outage Prediction service from IBM, the utility can predict outages down to the operating center boundary level and proactively mobilize crews to address outages.

Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority

AI helps mass transit agency predict asset health, upping safety and efficiencies

MARTA wanted to improve its asset management operations. It conducted a proof of concept (POC) on its tunnel ventilation system using the IBM® Maximo® APM – Predictive Maintenance Insights solution deployed on IBM Cloud™. The pilot demonstrated potential cost and efficiency savings, and the solution is now in full production.

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