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Expanding into new markets with a scalable, resilient platform for trading partner integration

Nets is growing its payment processing services into new markets—and when it comes to B2B integration, downtime isn’t an option. To provide the secure, scalable and highly available platform it needs to process billions of transactions per year, Nets relies on IBM® Watson® Supply Chain solutions to communicate seamlessly with its trading partners.

Exertis (UK) Ltd.

Gaining flexibility to drive business growth with IBM Global Financing

Leading IT distributor Exertis teamed with IBM® Global Financing for a flexible solution that supports the company in managing working capital more effectively, driving business growth, and meeting required reporting targets.

Fuga Technologies

Unlocks creativity and generates million-dollar savings for marketers with cloud-based design-as-a-service

Creating marketing materials can be a time-consuming task that distracts graphic designers from more valuable creative work. Fuga Technologies uses IBM® Cloud™ to host an innovative solution that automates repetitive design tasks, cutting manual processes by 90 percent and helping businesses unleash their designers’ creativity at much lower costs.

Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration

Striving to make every journey safe for residents and visitors with cloud-based quality management

Icelandic weather is notoriously changeable, and ensuring that the country’s roads are safe is a constant challenge. The Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration (IRCA) enables employees to check procedure on the move with a cloud-hosted compliance and quality solution, helping to preserve exceptional safety standards while boosting efficiency.

Bealls, Inc.

Getting the latest fashions into customers’ hands sooner by accelerating access to data

Clothing and home retailers must react swiftly to changing trends to keep customers coming through their doors. Beall’s, Inc. sped up reporting and analytics with IBM® Storage solutions, enabling rapid insight into demand to drive better purchasing decisions. By putting the items that customers want in front of them, the company keeps sales high.

Apoteca Natura

Creates innovative personal health and wellbeing services

Italian pharmacy network Apoteca Natura has created an innovative way for you to monitor your health and get expert, personalized advice. Working with IBM and IBM Business Partner Relatech—and using IBM® Watson® and mobile technologies—Apoteca Natura is transforming access to healthcare information and services.

EDF Energy

Invests in top talent to improve energy security for years to come

As competition heats up in the UK energy sector, powering a nation with clean, low-carbon energy is becoming much harder. To stay ahead in tough market conditions, EDF Energy worked with IBM® Services to streamline HR processes with SAP® SuccessFactors®—achieving dramatic efficiency savings and helping the company prepare for the challenges ahead.

Storyline Studios

Producing compelling TV shows faster with high-speed transfers for high-resolution video

The rise of streaming video services is changing the media distribution landscape. To help accelerate the production process and deliver shows to its clients faster, Storyline Studios uses IBM® Aspera® data transfer solutions to send raw footage from its shooting locations to its post-production teams at the end of each day of filming.

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