So we kind of noticed BlockChain about a year back and studied it a little bit and figured that it has the potential to disrupt, to start with business, almost as much as the internet did many years back.

Jaspreet Bindra, Senior Vice President - Digital Transformation, Mahindra Group

Business Challenge story

After learning about blockchain technology, Mahindra Group sought to find ways to use the technology to disrupt existing business models. It sought a provider of blockchain technology that could help it make the best use of the new technology.


Working closely with the IBM staff in Bangalore, India, Mahindra Group used IBM Blockchain technology to create a solution for discounting invoices between the Mahindra auto division and its suppliers. The company is also investigating the use of IBM Blockchain to track parts and improve auto recalls.


Mahindra Group and IBM moved from concept to production in just three months. Mahindra enjoyed a productive working relationship with the IBM staff in Bangalore and anticipates creating other new solutions across industries based on IBM Blockchain.

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    • Blockchain