Business Challenge

Mobile solutions play a key role in RGS Nordic's business process. With new regulations such as the GDPR on the horizon, the company looked for a way to gain tighter control over its devices and data.


RGS Nordic engaged its IT outsourcing provider ADmire to deploy IBM MaaS360 with Watson, enabling full visibility and remote administration of all the company’s mobile assets in Denmark.


Boosts security

with centralized management for RGS Nordic’s mobile devices


device data to be wiped remotely, facilitating regulatory compliance

80% faster

setup process for new mobile devices drives operational efficiency

Business challenge story

Harnessing mobile devices to protect margins

Large construction vehicle in a sandy lot

Every year, construction and civil engineering projects in Denmark alone create 3.7 million tons of waste, 1.5 million tons of contaminated soil and 250,000 tons of industrial waste water. RGS Nordic plays a key role in safeguarding the environment and ecology of Scandinavia by helping to recycle more than 2.5 million tons of waste each year.

Lars Peter Lundstrøm, Head of IT at RGS Nordic, explains: “Organizations across Denmark, Sweden and Norway transport construction waste to our processing centers, which we cleanse and convert into materials that can be used for new projects, such as paving for roads or aggregate for noise barriers.

“Because we operate in an industry with relatively small margins, it’s essential for us to keep tight control over our costs. Waste that has not been properly sorted is a significant cost driver for us, as we have to spend substantial amounts of time removing and disposing of the materials we’re unable to recycle.”

To safeguard its margins, RGS Nordic issued mobile devices to more than 300 workers at its waste processing centers. Each time a customer drives a truck onto a weighbridge, employees use mobile phones to take pictures of the load and ensure that it has been declared and documented correctly.

“Digitizing our business processes with mobile devices is proving to be a powerful way to control our costs and manage our operations effectively,” comments Lundstrøm. “The challenge was that we only had visibility of around 30 percent of the mobile devices we issued to employees in Denmark, who would typically use them in a mixture of business and personal contexts.

“We knew that incoming regulations such as the GDPR would require us to demonstrate tight control over our employees’ personal data. To ensure that we could comply with the new obligations (and to enhance the security of our IT environment as a whole) we knew that we needed a robust approach to mobile device management [MDM].”

By building on our collaboration with ADmire, we’re in a strong position to comply with data privacy regulations and continue to digitize our business processes.

Lars Peter Lundstrøm, Head of IT, RGS Nordic

Transformation story

Gaining tight control over every endpoint

To solve the challenge, RGS Nordic turned to its IT outsourcing provider ADmire, an IBM Business Partner based in Denmark. Working with RGS Nordic, ADmire deployed IBM MaaS360 with Watson—a cloud-based MDM solution that helps simplifies the management and security of smartphones, tablets, laptops and more.

“We initially engaged ADmire to take on the delivery, management and support of our IT services, which were previously based on legacy on-premises infrastructure,” recalls Lundstrøm. “Since we transitioned to the managed services model, ADmire has been the one-stop-shop for all our IT requirements, including everything from equipment leases for our mobile devices to helpdesk services for our users.”

He continues: “When we told ADmire that we were looking for an MDM solution, they immediately recognized that IBM MaaS360 with Watson would be an ideal fit for our needs. As well as being fast to deploy and configure, the solution is backed up by the global information security expertise of IBM, which gives us the confidence that ADmire will be able to use the solution to detect and remediate potential security threats rapidly on our behalf.”

ADmire collaborated with RGS Nordic to deploy the MaaS360 with Watson client on all its mobile devices in Denmark.

“ADmire designed specific upgrade instructions for our communities of Android and iOS users, with step-by-step guides to help them through every stage of the client installation process,” says Lundstrøm. “At any point along the installation journey, we knew that our people could phone the ADmire helpdesk for support if they needed it—and overall, we feel the process went quite smoothly. After a gradual rollout over a few weeks, all of our employees in Denmark had installed the client, which offered us a complete inventory of all of the mobile devices in our estate for the first time.”

We have been very impressed by the level of granular insight and precise control that IBM MaaS360 with Watson gives us over our mobile devices.

Lars Peter Lundstrøm, Head of IT, RGS Nordic

Results story

Facilitating compliance, boosting security

With IBM MaaS360 with Watson to help govern its mobile devices in a centralized, standardized way, RGS Nordic is confident that it can demonstrate its compliance with new regulations such as the GDPR.

“Whereas before we only had visibility of 30 percent of our devices, we can now see 100 percent of our mobile devices at all times,” says Lundstrøm. “It’s also straightforward for us to match each phone in our inventory to the employee we issued it to. In the event that an employee returns the phone to us, we can ensure that it is properly formatted and any personal data deleted irrevocably before it is recycled or issued to a different employee. Similarly, if an employee’s phone is lost or stolen, we can command it to be wiped remotely as soon as it is switched on again. Without a doubt, our new MDM capabilities will help us keep up with a fast-moving regulatory environment.”

By remotely managing the mobile devices in its network, RGS Nordic is improving its overall security posture.

“As well as having a 360-degree view of different apps and patches installed on each of our devices, ADmire can proactively push out security updates to help protect the business and our users from potential security threats,” Lundstrøm comments. “For the first time, we are able to enforce consistent governance policies around our mobile devices, which means that employees are unable to install applications that might compromise the security of their phone.”

By streamlining device setup processes, ADmire is now helping RGS Nordic’s employees start using their phones faster.

“When we issue our employees with a phone, we need them to connect it to their work email account so that they can capture images of loads and send the associated documentation to one of our offices for validation,” explains Lundstrøm. “In the past, our people had to install our mobile email client manually and then go through several steps to connect it to their account—a time-consuming process if you’re not a tech-savvy user. Today, ADmire performs most of the setup tasks for our new mobile users, which helps them get started up to 80 percent faster than before.”

Based on the success of its MDM solution in Denmark, RGS Nordic plans to extend its IBM MaaS360 with Watson platform to users in Sweden and Norway.

“We have been very impressed by the level of granular insight and precise control that IBM MaaS360 with Watson gives us over our mobile devices,” Lundstrøm concludes. “By building on our collaboration with ADmire, we’re in a strong position to comply with data privacy regulations and continue to digitize our business processes.”

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RGS Nordic

Founded in 1990 and headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, RGS Nordic cleanses and recycles construction waste and wastewater. With operations in Denmark, Sweden and Norway, RGS Nordic operates 35 processing and treatment facilities and processes more than 2.5 million tons of waste each year.

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