The implementation of blockchain in responsible sourcing is a game-changer … it builds trust in amongst companies where previous there was not.

Dr. Nicholas Garrett, Group Chief Executive Officer, RCS Global Group

Business Challenge

RCS global is a leading company in data-driven responsible sourcing. The company uses data to validate responsible natural resource extraction practices in supply chains. RCS Global works with companies at every stage of the supply chain to meet market and stakeholder expectations for responsible sourcing through auditing and monitoring responsible human rights practices and environmental regulatory compliance. The company has risen to the challenge of getting access to data, visibility and transparency at every level of supply chain, particularly related to working conditions and the associated risk that come with the conditions for the companies that are further down stream from where the risk emerges.


RCS Global, a leader in data-driven responsible sourcing, teamed up with IBM to create the Responsible Sourcing Blockchain Network. The IBM Blockchain platform provides the foundation for a network of validated companies that can trade and exchange information directly with each other on the blockchain, building trust among companies as they trace minerals through the supply chain. The blockchain provides a trusted and secure environment that leads to greater efficiency and reduces audit costs that companies would otherwise have to carry themselves.

Solution Category

  • Blockchain