Business challenge

To continue to grow its business and reach more international customers, QAD Inc. needed a global cloud provider to support its expanding customer base in Europe, Asia and Australia.


QAD chose IBM Cloud to support its customers around the world. QAD is using IBM bare metal servers running VMware, along with VMware vCenter Server on IBM Cloud.


Real-time recovery point

in the event of downtime

Provides security services

that help manage certifications such as ISO 27001

Supports reliable performance

for QAD’s customers, who operate around the clock, every day of the year

Business challenge story

A growing international customer base

QAD has been growing rapidly over the past few years, offering its cloud-based ERP solution to an increasing number of customers around the world. “QAD has been enjoying year-on-year cloud growth of 30 percent sustained for the last several years, and we hope to continue similar growth,” says Dan Heulitt, Vice President of Cloud Operations at QAD. “While initially most of our cloud ERP growth took place in North America, as it expanded to Asia and Europe, we recognized the need for a cloud service partner that could support that growth.”

Manufacturers can enjoy numerous benefits by moving the administration of the QAD Adaptive ERP solution to the QAD Cloud. “What QAD Cloud provides to the manufacturer is a highly available and secure solution that enables IT staff to shift their focus from running ERP to more innovative projects. Thus, they can remove themselves from back-end software and infrastructure support and services and become more of a profit center,” says Heulitt. “The old IT efforts around running the back office is now being replaced by a focus on advanced technologies like AI, Big Data and machine learning.”

To continue to grow its cloud-based business outside of North America, QAD needed a global cloud provider to support its growing customer base, initially in Australia but thereafter in Europe and Asia.

What does IBM bring aside from a vast array of technology? They bring teamwork and collaboration.

Dan Heulitt, Vice President of Cloud Operations, QAD Inc.

Transformation story

IBM Cloud meets need for global support

QAD chose IBM Cloud to support its customers in Europe, Asia and Australia. QAD is using IBM bare metal servers running VMware, along with VMware vCenter Server on IBM Cloud. “IBM became our international data center provider about three years ago,” says Heulitt. “We identified IBM as a cloud provider based on IBM’s well-known name brand with Tier 3 and 4 data centers that provide the highest level of availability that manufacturers need.” IBM provides primary and secondary disaster recovery resources for QAD Adaptive ERP, which serves hundreds of QAD customers.

QAD has found IBM to be a helpful partner. “We asked IBM to come in and they did a full bottom-up assessment of our infrastructure and made some recommendations to help us improve our stability and availability,” says Heulitt. IBM has also helped the company with deployments and updates, allowing QAD staff to focus on a wider breadth of customers’ needs.

Results story

Excellent uptime helps meet SLAs

With IBM Cloud, QAD reports that it can deliver reliable service for its customers, which is essential for manufacturers that operate around the world and around the clock, every day of the year. “We have SLAs [service-level agreements] and I’ve always met them,” says Heulitt. Plus, the business can quickly recover in the unlikely event of downtime. “We have done vast amounts of recovery testing with recovery times within an hour or less, and the recovery point was real time,” says Heulitt.

IBM Cloud also provides security features that help QAD manage compliance with regulations such as ISO 27001. “From a security standpoint, IBM Cloud’s Depth In Defense approach helps us to maintain our certifications especially around ISO 27001, as well as our vulnerability scans and penetration testing and scans.” says Heulitt.

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QAD Inc.

Founded in 1979, QAD is a provider of flexible, cloud-based enterprise software and services for global manufacturing companies in more than 100 countries. The business serves customers in the automotive, consumer products, food and beverage, high technology, industrial products and life sciences industries. QAD is headquartered in Santa Barbara, California and employs approximately 1,900 people.

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