Business challenge

PRIME Research International needed powerful infrastructure to host its platform for monitoring and reporting on media chatter across social, digital and traditional channels.


The company hosts its Media Insight Suite application on an IBM Cloud bare metal server platform, storing the solution’s massive volumes of unstructured data in a dynamic IBM Cloud Object Storage repository.


Scales easily

for immense data workloads with IBM Cloud servers and Cloud Object Storage technology

Improves availability

with a Cloud Object Storage platform designed for always-on access to critical data

Supports growth worldwide

with cloud expertise, global presence, and a vast ecosystem of business and IT resources from IBM

Business challenge story

Helping brands monitor chatter across media channels

For global organizations working to manage and maintain a brand reputation, attempting to monitor today’s media sources 24 hours a day can be overwhelming. PRIME Research developed its Media Insight Suite platform to help companies more easily track and analyze media chatter across social, digital and traditional channels. “Our customers want to know what’s being written about them and the markets they’re in,” says Thomas Leitner, Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing at PRIME Research. “Our service crawls media to tell our customers who is talking about them in negative or positive ways and in which part of the world.”

To reliably deliver its service to leading international automotive, financial and IT brands, PRIME Research needed powerful, scalable hosting infrastructure. “Our challenge is that the amount of data we’re working with is unpredictable,” says Leitner. “If there’s a crisis in the world covered by media, we suddenly have a huge amount of information to handle.”

We are growing quickly and IBM is the stable, reliable partner we need as we launch our new projects.

Thomas Leitner, Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing, PRIME Research International

Transformation story

Powering up with bare metal servers and dynamic storage

Evaluating cloud technology from IBM and Amazon Web Services (AWS), PRIME Research chose an IBM Cloud hosting solution. “We needed the bare metal speed from IBM,” says Tillmann Sittig, Senior Manager of IT Infrastructure at PRIME Research. “Plus, the distribution of the IBM Cloud data centers and free private LAN traffic are great for us. We can synch data among locations without additional transfer costs and optimize it for customer access around the world.”


PRIME Research provisioned bare metal server infrastructure in IBM Cloud data centers in Germany, India, the Netherlands and the US to host its Media Insight Suite front-end application, an IBM® Cloudant® database and the IBM Cloudant managed database service. The company is also deploying IBM Cloud Object Storage technology to create a dynamic storage repository for the massive amount of unstructured data the Media Insight Suite platform processes.


“We need storage that is very scalable and highly secure for data that we may need to go back to and access after a lengthy duration,” says Sittig. “The Cloud Object Storage System platform gives us the high-performance—but still cost-effective—storage technology we need for a data environment that will continue to grow.”

Results story

Scaling infrastructure and expanding global reach with IBM

IBM Cloud infrastructure offers the flexible, high-performance hosting platform PRIME Research needs to power its Media Insight Suite solution and accommodate extreme fluctuations in data workloads. “Since we moved our critical workloads to the IBM Cloud environment, we have the power and performance we need to easily handle the peaks that come at us,” says Sittig.


And with Cloud Object Storage technology, PRIME Research is implementing a scalable storage platform that provides invaluable peace of mind for internal IT staff. “We’ve improved the overall availability of our data, and we have less administrative stress because we know it’s hosted in a safe environment,” says Sittig. “Our internal teams are much more relaxed because they don’t have to worry about any potential stability issues."


Finally, IBM offers cloud expertise, global presence, and a vast ecosystem of business and technology resources to support PRIME Research as it continues expanding to additional geographies worldwide. “We are growing quickly and IBM is the stable, reliable partner we need as we launch our new projects,” says Leitner.


PRIME Research International

Established in 1987 and headquartered in Mainz, Germany, PRIME Research helps today’s leading brands generate and demonstrate value from their communications and public relations efforts. The company offers a broad portfolio of services to deliver actionable insight, including media monitoring; campaign measurement; and content, reputation sentiment and social media analyses. PRIME Research maintains eight international locations and provides services in more than 100 languages.

Solution components

  • 6950-19E IBM Cloud Object Storage, Public (Cloud BU)
  • IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers

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