What is exciting about Orenda and cognitive thinking, and where we want to take this, is delivering actionable insights. We went from an information-based society to now an insights-based society. We’re headed toward making insights actionable and cognitive is the only way to get there.

Tanya Seajay, Founder, Orenda Software Solutions

Business Challenge story

With the advent of social media, the threat that a potential public relations crisis poses to a business has increased exponentially. With up to 1.7 billion active social media users capable of influencing a brand’s reputation during a crisis, it is imperative for businesses to make the right public relations (PR) decisions in a timely manner. At the onset of the engagement, Orenda Software Solutions sought to equip its business customers with a powerful solution capable of analyzing large volumes of social media data to provide executives with timely insight toward appropriate PR responses.


Orenda Software Solutions is using cognitive technology from IBM to analyze large volumes of unstructured social media data in real-time. The new solution correlates its analysis with current PR research to help executives make informed decisions and use the right messaging at the right time.


By using cognitive technology from IBM to analyze large volumes of social media data, Orenda Software Solutions has enabled its customers to retain influence over their brands online, including during a PR crisis. The client anticipates that its new solution will strengthen PR decisions and help businesses maintain healthy relationships with their customers.

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