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German Bundestag

German Bundestag creating a vision for government through digital transformation

German Bundestag leverages Watson IoT capabilities to help in the efficient functioning of the city while ensuring the security of its data, to transform the life of its citizens.

Boulder County Housing and Human Services

Boulder County Housing & Human Services uses Watson to improve Citizen care

Boulder County Housing & Humans Services uses IBM Watson to help case workers gather valuable insights to provide improved care to citizens.


WaterBot Uses Cognitive solutions from IBM to deploy a Smart Water Quality Management Grid

WaterBot plans to build a Smarter City Management grid with an early warning detection system that can forecast changes and can diagnose any leaks up-front to ensure efficient water management.

Elaw Tecnologia S.A.

Transforming legal process automation with IBM Watson services

Collaborating with the IBM® Cloud™ Garage™, Elaw used IBM Watson® services to create AI solutions that streamline some of the legal processes associated with Brazil’s complex labor laws. Using AI, Elaw can help its customers save time, improve accuracy and reduce legal costs.


Empowering more small businesses to access global trade opportunities

CSM BVBA’s customs solutions make it simple for small- and medium-sized enterprises to trade internationally. To prepare for an anticipated surge in business volumes, CSM BVBA upgraded to a high-performance, high-availability IBM® Power Systems platform—enabling it to deliver its value-added services to more clients, 24/7.

The Conference Board Inc.

Accelerating learning with on demand insight delivered by AI

The Conference Board, working with a solution developed by IBM Business Partner CBA Strategic IT Ltd. and supported by IBM® Watson® technology, empowered conference attendees to search for and identify relevant studies and findings without interrupting their current conversations.


Unlocking competitive advantage for financial institutions with innovative, future-proof IT solutions

To succeed in the evolving financial services market, companies are raising their game to meet new customer expectations and regulations. Crosskey positioned itself as a partner for innovation to this industry, creating dynamic yet dependable IT solutions based on the IBM® i on IBM Power Systems™ platform, giving banks a competitive edge and future-proof technology.


Four German federal states rely on IBM infrastructure solutions to deliver cost-efficient services

Four federal state authorities in Germany rely on SAP applications hosted by Dataport to help them provide best-value services to taxpayers. To cut operational costs and improve system availability, Dataport migrated 82 SAP databases to just two IBM® Z® servers and DS8886 storage systems, ensuring cost-efficient delivery for every citizen.

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