Business challenge

OLAPLINE GmbH wanted to create a new reporting and planning platform that could offer high levels of customization and integration without a large, up-front deployment window.


OLAPLINE launched a self-service business intelligence tool with a multitude of ready-to-use business cases that lets users quickly generate reports, dashboards and planning scenarios without IT support.


~50% faster implementation

compared to traditional reporting solution

Reins in reporting costs

without compromising performance or flexibility

Expands the customer pool

with a new offering targeted at small and midsize firms

Business challenge story

One size does not fit all

Rarely can a business stumble into success. Instead, modern organizations must constantly pursue improvement, identifying and removing the bottlenecks and inefficiencies that drive down performance and eat away at narrow margins.

For over two decades, OLAPLINE has worked with its customers in that pursuit of efficiency, offering business intelligence solutions that convert existing data into actionable information. And as it had found growing success in the German market, the company recognized a growing trend when it came to its business intelligence solutions.

“Many of our main clients are big companies,” explains Kai Schoemann, Business Development Manager at OLAPLINE. “And big companies have the resources, personnel and money to drive big projects. They can pay consultants to build a customized application that meets their requirements. But smaller companies usually do not do that. They have to buy less costly, standard software that doesn’t offer the ability to customize. They have to take what is readily available.”

And it was this lack of choice and customization that excited OLAPLINE. “We knew there was a middle ground,” Schoemann continues. “We knew we could create something that offered a similar scale and flexibility as the larger solutions but that was not as expensive.”

In particular, the business wanted to develop a new offering for line-of-business stakeholders that was not only easy to use but that could also readily accommodate various data sources and platforms out of the box, removing the need for an elaborate and costly configuration period.

Business users can build their business models as they need them, so they are much more responsive to what is going on in the market.

Kai Schoemann, Business Development Manager, OLAPLINE GmbH

Transformation story

Customized out of the box

In 2016, OLAPLINE launched its new Tablonautix offering, which operates as a unified multidimensional database and controlling software. And to expand the functionality of this new tool, the firm took advantage of its role as an IBM Business Partner, using an IBM ESA to bundle the solution with IBM® Planning Analytics software.

“We’ve been using TM1 — Planning Analytics — since long before IBM acquired it,” adds Schoemann. “Knowing all its brilliant features and advantages, we found a couple of cases where we thought Planning Analytics was not going far enough. That is how the Tablonautix idea arose.”

The new Tablonautix solution offers complex data modeling and forecasting capabilities and also empowers users to create ad-hoc reports, planning applications and dashboards — all without the support of IT staff or external consultants. Alongside this tool, OLAPLINE also offers its Paladin solution, a Planning Analytics-native modular framework — including technical modules and business logic — that streamlines the creation of highly-sophisticated reporting schemes.

“To grasp the value of this solution,” explains Schoemann, “you have to understand that Planning Analytics is usually delivered without any business content. Everything has to be built by the user, which demands time and budget. Our two assets, Tablonautix and Paladin, make Planning Analytics more easily accessible to the end user, cutting the implementation time significantly. And the ESA license allows us to offer the product to markets that are usually not IBM core markets since we can reduce the budgeted cost.”

Results story

Dynamic software. Static pricing.

With Tablonautix now available, OLAPLINE is much more responsive to the small and midsize market, offering a solution that improves the flexibility and performance of traditional BI efforts, but at a reasonable price point.

“Imagine business intelligence software that can do literally everything,” adds Schoemann. “And the little it cannot do can be custom made. ”

“We provide our expertise along with the tool,” he continues. “And we offer a lot of built-in, out-of-the-box functions that are accessible without any implementation effort. This reduces our implementation times by 50 percent while raising the quality and durability of the implemented system at the same time. And that results in a lot of savings in terms of time and budget.”

Further, that timeliness doesn’t compromise the platform’s capabilities. “It’s so simple that, for example, new reports can be developed ad-hoc by the end user,” adds Schoemann. “Business users can build their business models as they need them, so they are much more responsive to what is going on in the market.”

OLAPLINE is also pleased with its choice of an ESA. “Incorporating Planning Analytics in our product is a great accolade. When we go to a potential customer and show them that IBM is part of the parcel, it leaves a big impression. The ESA contract allows us to simplify the IBM license metrics to the very minimum and to use pricing that is adapted to the SMB [small and midsized business] market.”

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For over two decades OLAPLINE has developed and delivered reporting and planning software alongside its consulting services. The business, headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany, specializes in the creation of customized, customer-driven business intelligence solutions.

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