Frankie is continually listening and building its knowledge bank to learn just what our customers need to know, helping improve its ability to respond with the right information to answer even the most unusual of questions.

Ben Rose, General Manager of Direct and Partnerships, nib nz ltd.

Business Challenge

Health insurance provider nib nz ltd. was eager to bring new and fresh approaches to serving customers. nib was looking for a way to augment the capabilities of its customer service agents and the issue of training.


To increase its customer service capabilities in the midst of rapid growth, nib worked with IBM and IBM Business Partner Capgemini to implement New Zealand’s first AI-based chatbot solution—a “virtual consultant” known as Frankie—for health insurance. Powered by the IBM Watson Assistant service, part of the IBM Developer Cloud portfolio, the solution enables current and prospective customers to ask questions about their plan or health insurance in general by submitting colloquial queries by text.

Solution Component

  • AI/Watson
  • Other