Business challenge

To build life-long customer relationships, Mud Pie aims to offer captivating, relevant content on the digital channel. How could it deliver a consistent experience across every touchpoint?


Mud Pie worked with Whereoware to bring the personalized experience of its IBM Watson Campaign Automation email and mobile campaigns to customers visiting its e-commerce site.



boost in conversion on the e-commerce site thanks to tailored content


increase in online revenues drives Mud Pie’s profitability

Up to 39%

email open rates achieved, helping to nurture customer loyalty

Business challenge story

Getting to know every customer

For manufacturers, embracing a direct-to-consumer model can be a powerful way to capture incremental sales and drive profitability. But as thousands of new customers flood in, effectively engaging with them on a one-to-one level can be a tough challenge.

This was the situation facing Mud Pie, a leading lifestyle brand headquartered in Stone Mountain, Georgia. After many years of going to market via its network of retail partners across the USA, the company decided to extend its reach with a B2C e-commerce store.

Andrea Ouargli, E-commerce Manager at Mud Pie LLC, explains: “We create all our designs in house, and we knew that the digital channel would help us engage with customers who might not otherwise have the opportunity to explore our product range. Every customer is unique, and to inspire their long-term loyalty we aim to reach out to them with content that’s relevant to their individual preferences.”

For many years, Mud Pie has utilized IBM Watson Campaign Automation to define fine-grained segments and reach out to B2B and B2C audience segments with targeted messages. A cloud-based digital marketing platform, IBM Watson Campaign Automation provides email marketing, lead management and mobile engagement functionalities that help drive personalized interactions in real time.

“Our goal is to deliver a seamless, personalized experience to each of our customers on every touchpoint,” continues Ouargli. “We were confident that if we could replicate the level of personalization we were offering in our digital campaigns on our e-commerce site, we could provide an even more compelling and consistent customer journey. To achieve that goal, we looked for a way to use insights from IBM Watson Campaign Automation to deliver dynamic content on our e-commerce site.”

We are delighted with the impact of our personalized campaigns—and the results we’re now seeing on our bottom line show us that our customers are delighted, too.

Andrea Ouargli, Director of E-commerce , Mud Pie LLC

Transformation story

Building a platform for engagement

Mud Pie enhanced its e-commerce site with WOWCommerce, an accelerator package built by IBM Gold Business Partner Whereoware. WOWCommerce enables Mud Pie to use demographic and behavioral data from IBM Watson Campaign Automation to deliver consistent, personalized customer experiences on its e-commerce site.

“Whereoware has been with us since the start of our digital customer engagement journey. It was their team of experts who helped us develop our e-commerce site and get started with IBM Watson Campaign Automation for our B2B customers,” recalls Ouargli. “Our positive and ongoing relationship with Whereoware gave us the confidence that they were the ideal partner to support our B2C transformation.”

Today, Mud Pie uses WOWCommerce to feed behavioral data from its IBM Watson Campaign Automation database into its website and dynamically display personalized content. Similarly, WOWCommerce feeds data on online customer behavior back into IBM Watson Campaign Automation, helping Mud Pie further refine its outreach.

“We power our personalization with three user personas based on our main product lines: baby, living, and fashion,” explains Ouargli. “The images and calls-to-action on our site and our emails all vary depending on each visitor’s persona—ensuring that every interaction with our brand is consistent, but new.”

Mud Pie also harnesses contextual triggers from its website to spark targeted campaigns in IBM Watson Campaign Automation.

“We continually capture data on our customers’ interests, preferences, locations and more via unobtrusive webforms on the site,” comments Ouargli. “These webforms are a valuable source of additional insight that helps us build up a deeper understanding of our customers as individuals.”

Results story

Delivering personalized outreach at scale

With IBM Watson Campaign Automation at the heart of its customer engagement strategy, Mud Pie is driving conversion on its B2C site.

Ouargli comments: “Being able to harness data from our website is an invaluable resource to tailor our outreach to customers effectively. When someone visits us online for the first time and signs up for our newsletter, we send them a digital coupon. If the prospect follows the link and starts to browse baby bibs, we automatically tag them with the baby persona—and tailor the content they see on our site and our emails based on those interests.”

By combining relevant communications with responsive marketing, Mud Pie is turning casual visitors into repeat customers.

“We see that the success of our marketing campaigns increasingly depends on our ability to adapt quickly to emerging trends—and IBM Watson Campaign Automation equips us to do exactly that,” says Ouargli. “We are delighted with the impact of our personalized campaigns—and the results we’re now seeing on our bottom line show us that our customers are delighted, too. In the last two years, we’ve driven a 146 percent increase in conversion rates on our digital channel, which has translated to a 325 percent increase in revenue.

Ouargli concludes: “If you engage with a customer in a way that resonates with them on a personal level, you can start to nurture their life-long loyalty. By deepening our understanding of each customer’s needs, we’re shaping compelling, personalized campaigns that inspire more of them to purchase.”

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Mud Pie

Founded in 1988, Mud Pie is a lifestyle brand that creates delightful gifts to inspire all of life’s sparkling moments. Mud Pie aims to add laughter, inspiration and joy to everyday celebrations. Mud Pie products are created for the fashion forward gals, the entertainers, the home decorators, the mommas and their little ones, and most importantly, for the ladies that enjoy the finer moments in life.

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