Business challenge

With a rapidly growing client community, Medicat, LLC needed to move fast as it reached the limits of its current IT infrastructure in order to maintain hard-won market leadership.


Medicat achieved quick deployment, data compression and automation when it teamed up with IBM Business Partner Dynamix Group to deploy VersaStack™, an integrated IBM and Cisco infrastructure solution.


6x faster

provisioning accelerates software delivery, increasing speed to market

99.67% decrease

in response times enhances performance

75% reduction

in cabling management requirements

Business challenge story

Safeguarding success

After 20 years in the business, Medicat has the largest share of the U.S. college and university student health center HIT market, but cannot afford to rest on its laurels.

Jonathan Cox, Director—Technology Services at Medicat, explains: “The Medicat strategy has always been to leverage technology to ensure market-leading levels of availability and performance for our SaaS solutions. When our existing technology platform began reaching its limits, we needed to find an alternative—fast.”

With storage requirements doubling year-on-year, Medicat looked for a solution that would offer easily managed scalability to support ongoing expansion.

VersaStack helps us stand out for the right reasons: consistently excellent service quality.

Jonathan Cox, Director—Technology Services, Medicat

Transformation story

Best of both

Medicat selected VersaStack to support its SaaS solutions, teaming with IBM Premier Business Partner Dynamix Group to deploy the solution in just six weeks. The solution combines IBM storage and Cisco server, networking and software components within a pre-engineered, tested and supported package.

“VersaStack stood out from competing options as it combines proven technology from two vendors with unparalleled track records,” comments Cox. “Dynamix proved the ideal partner, taking the time to educate as well as implement. Ultimately, we were able to achieve ultra-fast time-to-value.”

The solution offers Medicat built-in automation and data compression capabilities, enabling optimal performance together with low management requirements. Cox adds: “With VersaStack, our team can do a lot more, allowing us to focus on innovation and client support over administration.”

Results story

Forging ahead

The VersaStack solution is bringing a host of performance improvements to Medicat, helping it to retain its leading position in the market. Cox comments: “We can now provision new virtual machines six times faster than before, reducing software delivery times. VersaStack cuts our average response times from 300 ms to 1 ms, a decrease of 99.67 percent. This platform within our 2N architecture has exceeded expectations for stability, enabling us to deliver a 99.99 percent SLA for our clients. As a result, we stand out in the market for the right reasons: consistently excellent service quality.”

With a future-proof platform in place, Medicat is well-positioned to fulfill its growth strategy. Cox concludes: “We are confident that the VersaStack roadmap will support our expansion for at least 48 months. If we surpass our growth predictions, we can easily scale the solution both horizontally and vertically, assuring that we can meet unknown future challenges with ease.”



Medicat is the leading provider of healthcare information technology (HIT) to colleges and universities in support of student health, counseling and sports medicine. Serving customers in 46 states and three countries, the company delivers highly available, secure and compliant cloud services.

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