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Lufthansa cultivates empathy while driving meaningful engagement with IBM Watson Advertising Conversations
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Challege: Lufthansa wanted to leverage personalization

Lufthansa came to IBM Watson® Advertising looking to take the personalization of the travel planning experience to the next level by reaching and engaging everyday travelers and adventure seekers and helping them to explore a world of possibilities while rediscovering their travel desires.

Solution: Lufthansa creates personalized conversations

Lufthansa, in partnership with IBM Watson Advertising, put the power of AI-powered technology to work by launching the first IBM Watson Advertising Conversations campaign for the airline industry in 2018, allowing consumers to interact with them in a brand new way via dynamic ads on The Weather Channel properties and across Lufthansa’s media campaign.

This conversational marketing experience brought forth inspirational messaging to users and provided delightful travel facts related to featured international cities, helping to uncover valuable insights such as:

  • The top-performing first frame messaging was “What language makes the world sound beautiful?”
  • Users selected French as the most beautiful language.
  • Frankfurt and Paris were the top destinations users wanted to explore.

While Lufthansa uncovered some valuable learnings in 2018, IBM Watson Advertising evolved this experience in 2019 to allow the consumer to discover what was most important to them. This helped to reveal even more valuable insights about consumers and their travel preferences, acting as a massive virtual focus group for the Lufthansa brand by bringing awareness to unanticipated trends  and helping to inform Lufthansa’s future creative strategies.

This enhancement prompted users with a personality test, which then triggered a unique travel personality and destination recommendations based on that personality.

By leveraging IBM Watson-powered Natural Language Processing and Natural Language Understanding and extensive training on Lufthansa’s product information and FAQs, this helped to enable that 1:1 dialogue and deliver unique and delightful travel inspiration information to each user.

Using Conversations, Lufthansa saw these results:

  • 8% conversation rate driven by the Mobile Integrated Marquee
  • 41 seconds average time spent
  • Total of 4 user-driven interactions per session
Within the Watson experiment, what we’ve been able to do is engage people in a conversation and allow things to happen naturally. These are people that are engaging with you because they wanted to, and we so believe that the quality of the interaction is that much higher. Alexander Schlaubitz VP Marketing Lufthansa Group
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