For Lufthansa, AI is so critical because it helps us to unlock all the potential from the data that we already have.

Mirco Bharpalania, Senior Director of Cross Domain Solutions, Lufthansa Group

Lufthansa Group wanted to digitally transform their travel experience

Digital transformation of the travel experience is a priority for the airline industry, and Lufthansa Group is well aware. When Lufthansa Group began exploring ways that AI technology can help in its transformation, they realized there was a lot of work to be done. Here at IBM Watson Advertising, we know that AI is a crucial component of a digital transformation. That’s why we helped Lufthansa Group support its strategy with the strategy they needed to create a more personalized customer service experience for customers.

Lufthansa Group transformed its personalized customer service strategy

AI has shown it can help us deliver more personalized customer service, a better employee experience, and more efficient operations. Lufthansa Group collaborated closely with IBM, its strategic IT partner and provider of the Watson services that power their AI solutions.

What happened next has been a huge element to the success of Lufthansa Group’s relationship with customers. Now, customers are able to connect with Lufthansa on a much more personal level, without feeling like they are banished to a phone queue or chatting with a bot. Customers are happy and Lufthansa’s strategy is much more streamlined, which is exactly what they’d set out to accomplish.

Solution Component

  • AI/Watson