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When it’s your job to facilitate the movement of money between individuals and businesses, you’d better be sure you’re keeping those transactions as safe as possible. Although QIWI plc had never experienced a serious security breach, its confidence was flagging because it relied on a disparate set of security solutions, lacked a clear hierarchy among security notifications and had limited visibility into cross-platform threats.


QIWI’s new security intelligence solution automatically logs security events from thousands of devices and over 1,800 event sources, consolidating them on a single system and then using sophisticated algorithms to identify and analyze true threats. By automatically prioritizing mitigation efforts, the solution helps QIWI’s security staff address threats promptly and proactively, selectively blocking threatening users, IP addresses or domains.


The solution helped cut QIWI’s business costs by simplifying security operations and streamlining monitoring efforts. The solution also helps the company stay ahead of potential threats by monitoring several simultaneously on a single platform. Finally, QIWI can now better manage compliance with government and industry mandates, thereby improving its reputation and position for continued growth.

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