Business challenge

To boost revenues, Juhayna continually extends its product lines, which in turn means introducing new manufacturing processes, managed according to best-practice workflows based on SAP applications.


To create the agility needed, Juhayna engaged IBM® Services to migrate its SAP® ERP applications to high-performance IBM servers, offering scalability, adaptability and reliability.


35% decrease

in response times for vital SAP applications

80% compression

for SAP application databases reduces operational costs

32-hour migration

achieved for SAP applications

Business challenge story

Thirst for growth

After 30 years of successful business growth in its farming, manufacturing, and distribution operations, Juhayna has gained a leading position in Egypt’s domestic beverage and dairy market. To drive up revenues, the company continually extends its offering with innovative new products.

Ihab Naguib, Associate IT Director at Juhayna, explains: “To capture incremental revenues, our strategy is to manufacture, market and distribute new products. To create these products, we often need to build new manufacturing facilities – and the efficient processes to manage them – from the ground up. New facilities, whether acquired or purpose built, require additional processes and systems to manage inventory, manufacturing, sales and distribution. To control these business requirements cost-efficiently we rely on a set of standardized, best-practice workflows, supported by SAP software.”

With its business growing rapidly, Juhayna realized that continuing to add new subsidiaries to its existing SAP production servers would eventually reduce application response times for the business, harming productivity.

“Our SAP applications are integral to the smooth-running of the entire organization in all sectors of the business,” says Ihab Naguib. “Any reduction in SAP application response times can limit operational efficiency, which could threaten our ability to maximize manufacturing capacity utilization or to ensure timely deliveries to customers. Moreover, if our SAP systems were to go offline unexpectedly, our operations would effectively grind to a halt until service could be restored – incurring significant costs.”

Thanks to careful preparation and proven IBM Services methodologies, we migrated our SAP applications to the new platform seamlessly within just 32 hours.

Ihab Naguib, Associate IT Director, Juhayna

Transformation story

Searching for a solution

To continue its revenue-driving strategy, Juhayna wanted to offer highly reliable, responsive and available access to SAP applications to more than 450 users across the organization. With its existing server and storage platform ready for a refresh, the company looked for a new solution.

“After a thorough evaluation process, we decided on a single-vendor solution – including hardware, software and services – from IBM,” says Ihab Naguib.

“Reliability was a crucial requirement, and we felt that the combination of IBM Power Systems™ servers and the IBM AIX® operating system would create a robust platform to support our vital SAP applications.”

Ihab Naguib continues: “Our SAP production environment is active practically 24/7, and the only downtime window for maintenance is a 48-hour period each weekend. The expertise of the IBM Services team gave us confidence that we could migrate our SAP software to the new IBM platform in a tiny window of downtime without disruption to the business.

“IBM Services was unique in its ability to provide local resources with the know-how to get the job done. During the implementation phase, we had at least two experts from IBM on site at any given time.”

Working with Juhayna, IBM Services helped the company to scope, implement and configure a new platform for its SAP solutions. The new platform is based on two high-performance IBM Power 740 servers, virtualized with IBM PowerVM® and connected to a storage area network based on the IBM XIV® Storage System. With its massively parallelized architecture, IBM XIV delivers both the storage performance and resilience required to ensure timely, reliable access to SAP application data.

To ensure business continuity, the IBM Power Systems servers are configured in a high-availability cluster with IBM PowerHA® software, and all data is replicated automatically to an IBM System Storage® TS3200 Tape Library using IBM Spectrum Protect™ software.

As part of its end-to-end IBM solution, Juhayna took the decision to migrate its databases from Microsoft SQL Server to IBM Db2® software.

Ihab Naguib comments: “We recognized that deep compression from IBM Db2 would enable us to reduce our storage requirements considerably. In fact, since migrating to IBM Db2, we have shrunk our SAP application databases from four terabytes to just 800 gigabytes. IBM Db2 has delivered an 80 percent reduction in storage requirements – helping us to keep our operational costs lean.

“What’s more, the close compatibility between IBM and SAP solutions enables us to save significant amounts of time on IT management. In particular, the tight integration between IBM Db2 and SAP DBA Cockpit makes it extremely easy to manage, operate and monitor our databases using automated tools – freeing time to develop new services for the business.”

The IBM team worked with Juhayna on several dry runs ahead of the actual SAP migration, which helped to identify and solve potential roadblocks ahead of time. Ihab Naguib adds: “Thanks to careful preparation and proven IBM Services methodologies, we migrated our SAP applications to the new platform seamlessly within just 32 hours.”

Today, Juhayna uses the IBM Power Systems server platform to run its mission-critical SAP software. The SAP production environment includes SAP ERP with applications for finance, controlling, materials management, production planning and warehouse management, and SAP Customer Relationship Management software.


Results story

Creating headroom for growth

The IBM platform delivers the SAP application performance, reliability and availability to drive Juhayna’s strategy. “Since deploying the IBM solutions, we have measured a 35 percent decrease in SAP application response times,” Ihab Naguib.

“Higher performance for our SAP applications gives us the headroom we need to add new manufacturing facilities, extend our product lines and capture incremental revenues – a key component of our growth strategy.”

The IBM platform enables Juhayna to assure high levels of availability for crucial business systems.

“Previously, our recovery time objective in the event of an unplanned outage in our production SAP environment was six hours,” says Ihab Naguib.

“With IBM PowerHA software, we can now fail over our production services to a standby server automatically within just 20 minutes – an improvement of 94 percent. Any unplanned downtime of our SAP applications has an impact on our bottom line, so we are extremely pleased with the availability of the IBM platform.”

Ihab Naguib concludes: “The ability to bring new products to market rapidly, cost-effectively and non-disruptively is the key to increasing our revenues. Thanks to IBM and SAP, we have a scalable platform that will help us to drive our business growth for years to come.”

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Founded in 1983 and employing 4,422 people, Juhayna manufactures and distributes 320 varieties of fruit juice and dairy products. The company sells to customers across Egypt, and exports to countries throughout Europe, the Persian Gulf and North America.

Solution components

  • Db2 for Z
  • GBS AD&I - EA - SAP
  • IBM Global Business Services
  • IBM-SAP Alliance
  • SAP ERP Financials
  • Software - PowerHA (not HPC, nor VA Linux)
  • Software - PowerVM (not HPC, nor VA Linux)
  • Spectrum Protect (inc CDM)
  • Storage: TS3200 Tape Library

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