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With hospitals struggling to analyze up to 85 percent of their data, life-saving insights were going untapped. IOMED set out to help healthcare providers squeeze every drop of insight from their data.


To unlock unprecedented insight from unstructured clinical data, IOMED built Medical Language API, a powerful solution that understands natural language, and launched it rapidly with IBM® Cloud™.



time-to-market and easy scaling enabled by IBM and IOMED technology


predictive insights from patient data in real time


hospital inefficiencies and supports pioneering medical research

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Taking the reins

From the moment a patient enters the hospital, the healthcare system begins generating tremendous volumes of clinical data – much of it unstructured and in text format. From imaging files to handwritten notes gathered during consultations, the patient’s medical record contains information that is challenging to analyze, leading to inefficiencies, or worse, compromised diagnosis and treatment. 

IOMED was created to tackle these challenges. Javier de la Oca Catalán, the company’s CEO and Co-Founder, explains: “I teamed up with a medical and technology specialist and biotechnologist to design a tool to help hospitals make the most of clinical data. Our aim was to help the healthcare sector worldwide become more efficient, supporting hospitals in delivering better patient care while reducing costs.”

To this end, IOMED created Medical Language API, a solution that transforms unstructured healthcare data and documents into structured and codified data. Using natural language features, the tool extracts unstructured clinical data – such as symptoms, diagnosis, personal and inherited medical conditions, and much more – in real-time, codifying and storing them for easy, secure access.

As a start-up aiming to serve the healthcare industry, IOMED needed to make the right decision about the technology supporting its new offering.

“The public healthcare sector in Spain is under pressure due to budget cuts and a lack of resources, so reliability and affordability are crucial selling points for our target customers,” explains Javier de la Oca Catalán. “Hosting our solution in the cloud was a natural choice, as it would allow us to minimize upfront costs and scale quickly. But it was also essential that we chose a provider that could offer high levels of security, reliability and availability, since these are key priorities in healthcare.”

With Medical Language API on IBM Cloud, we are spurring a true revolution within the healthcare sector on a global scale.

Javier de la Oca Catalán, CEO and Co-Founder, IOMED

Transformation story

Taking a dose of cloud technology

Looking for the right platform to support Medical Language API, IOMED evaluated several technology providers. Javier de la Oca Catalán recalls: “We first met the IBM team at the Health 2.0 event in Barcelona. In a follow-up call, the IBM team convinced us that hosting our Medical Language API solution in the IBM Cloud was the right decision. The transparent IBM Cloud pricing models offered us the flexibility and cost-efficiency we were looking for, and we knew we could achieve a rapid implementation with IBM’s support.”

Working closely with IBM, IOMED deployed its Medical Language API solution on IBM Cloud Virtual Servers. In less than three weeks, IOMED made the solution available to customers.

“Aside from providing us with great-quality technology, IBM has also put us in contact with key decision-makers at potential technology partners and advisors,” comments Javier de la Oca Catalán. “As a startup, support from a global brand such as IBM is a great advantage when it comes to encouraging companies to collaborate with us. Association with the IBM brand is helping us to keep growing our business.”

A large hospital in Barcelona is currently rolling out Medical Language API, and several other hospitals across Spain and Colombia are piloting the solution. Javier de la Oca Catalán adds: “We’re helping our clients explore the many use cases for Medical Language API – we see the potential to benefit hospitals and medical researchers.”

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Promoting better healthcare for the masses

By hosting Medical Language API on the IBM Cloud platform, IOMED gained the secure, scalable and robust infrastructure it needs to deliver its solution to healthcare professionals.

“With IBM Cloud, we don’t need to think twice about the security of the platform, and we can communicate this confidence to our customers,” says Javier de la Oca Catalán. “Equally, we know we can rely on the consistent performance and reliability offered by IBM infrastructure. As we win new clients, the platform’s seamless scalability means we can bring them onboard fast, a great advantage.”

By helping more healthcare institutions to uncover compelling insight with Medical Language API, IOMED will succeed in its mission of promoting better healthcare worldwide.

“Our solution fills a crucial gap in the market, enabling hospitals to extract valuable insights from the large volumes of unstructured clinical data that they gather every day,” remarks Javier de la Oca Catalán.

Delivered via the IBM Cloud, Medical Language API will enable hospitals to raise standards of care while reducing costs. Javier de la Oca Catalán provides an example: “Our solutions could be used to predict which patients are likely to be readmitted to hospital soon. Armed with insights like these, hospitals can make better decisions about when to discharge patients, helping to reduce readmission rates and boost efficiency – a win-win situation.”

IOMED intends to make an impact in the field of medical research too. Javier de la Oca Catalán concludes: “By making data readily available for researchers to analyze, we can help them make new breakthroughs in their studies of illnesses, treatments, and disease prevention. With Medical Language API on IBM Cloud, we are spurring a true revolution within the healthcare sector on a global scale.”

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Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, IOMED Medical Solutions specializes in developing technology for the healthcare industry. The company’s team is committed to the development of smart, advanced software tools which contribute to shaping better, fairer, and more efficient healthcare worldwide.

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