Working with IBM we quickly made the decision that Safer Payments was the right solution for us based on its capability, as well as working with the IBM team and the reputation that came along with that.

Dave Hemingway, Group Executive - Product and Marketing, Indue

Business Challenge

Australia launched its New Payments Platform (NPP) real-time payment platform in early 2018, Indue saw an opportunity to reinvent its financial crimes service. Real-time payments mean greater risk of fraud and cyber crime, as fraudsters can move money extremely fast. Indue needed to create a real-time, full-service offering to help its customers meet the challenge presented by the NPP.


With the launch of NPP, money can move in less than 15 seconds. Indue's traditional rule-based fraud monitoring system wasn’t fast enough for NPP. Indue realized that a real-time solution would require machine learning, or AI, to deliver a robust response and bring fraud risk down without interrupting payments or compromising the overall customer experience. They identified IBM Safer Payments as the ideal solution to bring AI and real-time detection capability to fraud detection.

Solution Component

  • AI/Watson