Uncovering shadow IT risks during cloud migration
Global NGO strengthens its external security posture with IBM Security Randori Recon attack surface management
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Anxiety about unknown risks

As an active and powerful force for democratic values, this large, global nongovernmental organization (NGO) is a constant target for both nation-state and commercial threat actors. Given these threats, maintaining a strong external security posture is critical for its global security team.

With more than 1,000 employees and an ever-expanding global perimeter, maintaining an up-to-date picture of its attack surface was a constant challenge. As the NGO began moving its core assets to the cloud, unknown risks from shadow IT and forgotten infrastructure became an increasing source of anxiety for the security team.

Discover your unknown assets with IBM Security Randori
Having tried IBM Security Randori Recon, I would say its discovery mechanisms for external-facing assets are far superior to any other scans we’ve ever seen from a third party. Global Head of IT Security NGO
Continuous asset identification and risk prioritization

The NGO was attracted to the IBM Security® Randori Recon solution because it can continuously discover and monitor external attack surfaces and alert the security team about important changes. With insights from an attacker’s perspective, the team can focus on remediating top risks and gain peace of mind through tighter control of the organization’s expanding global footprint.

“Having tried IBM Security Randori Recon, I would say its discovery mechanisms for external-facing assets are far superior to any other scans we’ve ever seen from a third party,” says the Global Head of IT Security at the NGO. “It leaves no stone unturned—passive DNS, PTR records, TLS cert details—it will scrub them all. You may be surprised by what you discover is sitting in the public cloud.”

Greater attack surface visibility and control

After signing up for Randori Recon, the NGO gained immediate visibility into its external-facing attack surface, identifying several systems it didn’t know were publicly exposed. From there, the security team reduced the organization’s attack surface by removing and masking systems from the internet. The NGO was then ready for its cloud-first future.

About Global NGO

Global nongovernmental organization (NGO) with more than 1,000 employees.

Know your attack surface

Discover unknown assets—on-premises or in cloud—before an attacker does with IBM Security Randori Recon.

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