Business Challenge

After rapid growth increased capacity demands in several locations, Fusion Broadband Pty. Ltd. needed new infrastructure able to support its expanding global networking business.


The business partnered with IBM to migrate its operations to a cloud environment, empowering users to build their own SD-WAN solutions.


Supports business growth

with a flexible architecture that accommodated a 400% boost in network traffic

<24 hours to deploy

a new global proprietary network anywhere in the world, barring shipping requirements

Cuts management overhead

and reduces service calls thanks to a reliable cloud environment

Business challenge story

Running out of room

Fusion Broadband empowers businesses to build and sustain large private networks across multiple locations through its SD-WAN service. And in the nine years since its founding, the firm has witnessed steady growth, adding customers and new services to its expanding portfolio of offerings. But this success came with a new set of challenges.

“About a year ago, we were starting to see a significant increase in demand due to the growing interest we were seeing in our SD-WAN services,” recalls Jason Maude, Managing Director at Fusion Broadband. “It wouldn’t be long before we would be requiring a major network upgrade to support the dramatic increase in bandwidth, additional points of presence and available CPU cycles. So, we asked, ‘How can we get more elasticity in our bandwidth, and more importantly, be able to access significantly more CPU cycles over increased locations?’”

In particular, the firm began exploring potential cloud infrastructures that could accommodate the shifting resource demands of its customers. Beyond this flexibility, the business also wanted to find a solution that could match and even accelerate its growth efforts.

“As we looked at options,” Maude explains, “we were also asking, ‘How can we have an easier global reach as an SD-WAN provider?’ We needed to not only support our direct customers but also our growing base of over 200 international partners."

This gives users greater transparency, which is nice because they can be sure of how data is flowing and where it’s flowing to.

Jason Maude, Managing Director, IBM Business Partner Fusion Broadband Pty. Ltd.

Transformation story

Moving to the cloud

As it considered potential infrastructures, Fusion Broadband quickly shifted its focus to IBM. Previously, the firm had maintained a small backup environment at an IBM site in Sydney, Australia, and based on its positive experience working with IBM as well as the reputation of IBM’s portfolio, the firm chose to partner with IBM to restructure how it delivers its SD-WAN services.

“We migrated most of our load off our primary point of presence in Sydney,” recalls Maude, “migrating everything into the IBM Cloud. Now 80 percent of our SD-WAN network is spread across IBM sites in Sydney and Melbourne in addition to other IBM locations. We also allow businesses to build their own SD-WAN network in the IBM Cloud anywhere in the world.”

This strategy, in turn, provides users with greater levels of control. “By letting direct customers or partners build and control their own networks,” continues Maude, “they are not collocating the SD-WAN resources with other customers. They can even integrate these networks into their own IBM Cloud infrastructure. It’s completely compartmentalized, which is important from a data sovereignty and data protection standpoint.”

Beyond providing the necessary architecture, Fusion Broadband also delivers customer-facing SD-WAN control portal solutions. “This gives users greater transparency,” adds Maude, “which is nice because they can be sure of how data is flowing and where it’s flowing to. They can also control the behavior of the network, regardless if it’s 2 or 2,000 sites, with a single mouse click.”

The IBM architecture is flexible in its configuration. It’s scalable in its capacity. It’s reliable in its nature. It’s global in its presence.

John Soden, SD-WAN Specialist, IBM Business Partner Fusion Broadband Pty. Ltd.

Results story

Spanning the globe

By coordinating its services on IBM Cloud, Fusion Broadband has already realized a number of advantages. “It has almost given us a limitless layer of CPU scalability,” comments Maude. “It also gave us a significant amount of headroom in network capacity.” In fact, over a four-month period, the IBM architecture was able to support 400 percent growth in the firm’s SD-WAN services.

Fusion Broadband has also seen its own management requirements reduced thanks to IBM Cloud. “We were starting to see more support calls purely through load and growth constraints,” recalls Maude. “Our support call load has dropped significantly related to what runs in IBM. We’re running the infrastructure at 20 percent instead of 80 percent, resulting in a much more robust environment.”

Further, working with IBM has allowed Fusion Broadband to reach out to new markets and customers. “With our SD-WAN platform being well-tested and proven in the IBM environment, we can easily make it available to IBM Business Partners globally,” explains Maude. “We’ve become international pretty much instantly.”

He continues, stating: “We can turn on a point of presence in an IBM Cloud data center anywhere in the world in about half an hour. And outside of shipping out our end point equipment, we can have a customer running on a global proprietary private network in less than 24 hours. That’s impressive.”

That rapid deployment, while generally convenient, proved particularly beneficial for one of Fusion Broadband’s customers. “It was perfect timing,” recalls John Soden, an SD-WAN Specialist at Fusion Broadband. “We were in talks with a bank when they started having network issues, and several of their sites were going to be down for weeks. We were able to have them live in about 20 minutes.”

In addition, the new network delivers a lower cost environment for the bank, leading to noticeable savings. “They told me,” Soden continues, “that the cost savings from replacing their network in just one of their branches funded the replacement for seven other sites.”

Of course, the bank isn’t the only organization benefitting from Fusion Broadband’s partnership with IBM. “Without the IBM Cloud infrastructure, it would have been a lot more challenging,” adds Soden. “The IBM architecture is flexible in its configuration. It’s scalable in its capacity. It’s reliable in its nature. It’s global in its presence.”

“And that fits in exactly with the service we provide,” concludes Maude.

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Fusion Broadband Pty. Ltd.

IBM Business Partner Fusion Broadband offers platform and carrier-agnostic SD-WAN services to provide partners and customers with reliable high-speed data connections. Headquartered in Australia, the business operates throughout Southeast Asia, including the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, and it also maintains a partner base that spans the globe.

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