Business Challenge

Fuga Technologies helps clients take the effort out of creating marketing materials. To scale its operations and bring its design automation software to a wider user-base, it needed a powerful cloud infrastructure.


The company used IBM Cloud bare metal servers and IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions to create a software-as-a-service delivery model for its cutting-edge design tools, giving clients greater flexibility.



of dollars saved for clients by automating marketing design workflows

Up to 16x

return on investment by reducing design costs and freeing up marketing budget


faster creation of promotional material, helping clients get campaigns to market fast

Business Challenge

Building effective marketing campaigns

How you market and advertise your business is critical to raising your profile and winning new customers. However, as advertising agencies and marketing departments know, the production processes for creating the promotional materials that bring attention to your products can be time-consuming and labor-intensive, and often monopolize the schedule of skilled graphic designers.

For companies that want to launch omni-channel marketing campaigns across print, online and social media, the problem is especially great. Creating flyers, banner ads and product catalogs for each channel brings the added complexity of working with multiple formats, sizes, and layouts.

Designers typically have to lay out the graphics and typography manually for each deliverable, and it is difficult to ensure the consistency and accuracy of information across all formats—especially when a product catalog may include thousands of product photographs, descriptions and prices.

Back in 2010, innovative startup Fuga Technologies spotted an opportunity to free up skilled designers to focus on more valuable creative tasks by automating the repetitive aspects of design. The company, based in Tel Aviv, Israel, began designing a new language for design automation, which would be used to programmatically instruct Adobe InDesign to lay out text, images and other visual elements within a template.

Initially, Fuga Technologies offered the solution to customers as a desktop application, which needed to be installed locally on users’ workstations. However, with the emergence of cloud delivery models, Fuga Technologies realized that a software-as-a-service model would be more flexible and cost-effective for its clients. The company just needed to find a suitable infrastructure to support its solution.

Building our solution on the IBM Cloud has been an important factor in being able to grow the business internationally, providing the scale and performance that have helped us win an impressive array of clients.

Aviad Givon, Founder and CEO, Fuga Technologies


Supporting a smarter delivery model

To launch its design automation tool as a software-as-a-service offering, Fuga Technologies decided to build on IBM Cloud bare metal servers and IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions. The company uses IBM Cloud bare metal servers to run the core InDesign engine, while the solution’s MySQL database and web server run in VMware virtual machines.

Aviad Givon, Founder and CEO at Fuga Technologies, explains: “We are a relatively small startup, so using the IBM Cloud to develop and host our solution made perfect sense. Purchasing servers and building our own data center would have been prohibitively expensive and taken months of extra work, as well as requiring ongoing maintenance from our team. With IBM Cloud, we can stay agile and avoid this burden—all hardware management is taken care of for us.”

He adds: “The separate components of our solution have different performance requirements. The core InDesign element is very demanding, so using high-performance, dedicated bare metal servers was the ideal choice. Our database and web server are less demanding, making virtual servers a smarter option. Having the flexibility to integrate both IBM Cloud services to suit our workloads is a huge bonus.”

Fuga Technologies can manage the entire cloud solution—including both the bare metal and VMware environments—via a single web portal, simplifying administration. As business volumes expand and Fuga Technologies requires additional server resources, it can take advantage of automated provisioning available through the IBM Cloud control panel.

Aviad Givon continues: “Working with IBM has been a good experience. The support available through the IBM Cloud portal is very valuable, and we enjoy regular contact with our IBM contacts. They are always proactive in bringing to our attention any new cloud services that could benefit our company. Any time we do encounter an issue, we can call them for support, rather than having to search internet forums to find a fix—something many cloud vendors expect customers to do for themselves.”


Expanding the business globally

Harnessing the IBM Cloud to support its software-as-a-service tool has helped Fuga Technologies expand its customer base, and enabled it to onboard clients faster. Today, when the company wins a new client, it can provision the necessary server resources in 90 percent less time—which means users can start using the solution within a day, instead of waiting a week or more.

By launching its cloud service, Fuga Technologies has attracted many new clients, bringing the benefits of design automation to more companies. Users of the design automation tool can produce marketing materials up to ten times faster, with 90 percent less manual labor. Clients can therefore get their omni-channel marketing materials to market sooner, and free up their skilled design teams for more valuable creative work.

Aviad Givon elaborates: “Building our solution on the IBM Cloud has been an important factor in being able to grow the business internationally, providing the scale and performance that have helped us win an impressive array of clients—from leading advertising agencies to major retailers—all keen to take advantage of the benefits of automating the production of marketing materials.”

In one example, a leading Norwegian supermarket with over 1,000 stores adopted the Fuga solution, and has achieved savings of USD 1.5 million each year through eliminating time-consuming manual processes. Likewise, an Israeli pharmaceuticals company is utilizing the automation tool to prepare promotional materials for its product range of over 200,000 separate items. So far, the company has reduced its marketing spend by USD 720,000 and re-allocated the funds to media buying activities.

At the same time, using IBM Cloud services means Fuga Technologies can offer a greater level of flexibility to customers. In some cases, prospective clients will have specific security requirements and request a dedicated infrastructure. By using IBM Cloud bare metal servers, the company can ensure it meets client specifications.

Fuga Technologies is now exploring the potential of further IBM Cloud services, including IBM Watson Visual Recognition. The company believes that the machine-learning tool for classifying and searching visual content could have several possible uses in the design process, such as detecting the main colors in a product image, and then using complementary colors for the text and other elements on the page to maximize visual impact. Automating these tasks will enable further valuable time savings for graphic designers.

Aviad Givon concludes: “It is very exciting to see the range of services available on the IBM Cloud, and we are already starting to plan how we can continue to enhance our solution. We are on a long journey as a business, and with IBM as a partner we are confident about continuing our success.”

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Fuga Technologies

Founded in 2010, Fuga Technologies provides innovative solutions that enable graphic designers to automate document production. Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, Fuga Technologies offers high-level automation for the creation of marketing documents such as catalogs, flyers, brochures, coupons, digital ads, banners and social media promotions. By embracing automation, companies can enjoy faster production times and significantly lower costs.

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