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When the world’s best surgical implant companies need orthopedic instruments, they call on Enztec. The New Zealand-based manufacturer designs, builds and delivers clinically proven medical devices.

Enztec stays at the forefront of orthopedic device development by conducting intensive research on medical device innovation, patient care and industry best practices—a rewarding but time-consuming process.

In the discovery phase of new projects, researchers at Enztec spend nearly 90% of their work week gathering and reviewing research papers from medical publications. Not wanting to sacrifice quality for speed, Enztec sought a solution that could help reimagine the research experience.

Accelerating time to value for publication review

Enztec’s publication review process required researchers to manually summarize medical articles and filter through hundreds of citations. Each of these tasks can take hours at a time.

Enztec saw an opportunity to augment research efforts using AI and partnered with IBM to architect a solution built on IBM®™ and IBM Watson® Discovery technologies.’s generative AI capabilities transform lengthy, complex documents into high-quality executive summaries, with insights for data inclusion provided for auditing purposes. Watson Discovery offers AI-powered intelligent document understanding and content analysis using enterprise-grade, natural language (NL) AI, NL processing models, and large language models (LLMs) from IBM Research®.

over 500% increase in productivity hours-long research time instead of days
Achieving faster insights and better research outcomes

Since implementing its new IBM solution, Enztec has been able to accelerate and improve its research processes tremendously. enabled the manufacturer’s researchers to automate the filtering of medical publications. The selected publications are then processed, logged and summarized by Watson Discovery.

Enztec’s researchers can now complete the publication review process in just a few hours, instead of days, resulting in a productivity gain of over 500%.

Researchers can also search more publications and provide greater coverage of research outcomes. Most importantly, they can quickly gain insights that help Enztec ensure potential device risks and failures are identified as early as possible.

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About Enztec

Enztec (link resides outside of is an orthopedic medical device supplier that designs and manufactures quality hip, knee and spine instruments for the world’s premier implant companies.

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