The benefits of the CoE and the automation solution that we have is to actually reduce the risk to the bank, setting up standards, making sure you are automating the right processes in the right way and you actually reduce the costs of the delivery of automation through a lot of reuse of the objects that are actually developed.

Anand Singh Chandel, Senior Vice President, DBS Bank Ltd.

Business Challenge

DBS Bank Ltd. has been on a digital transformation journey for several years. Still, the bank continued to rely on many slow manual business processes, which can lead to service delays and a poor customer experience.


DBS selected IBM for implementing and maintaining the RPA program as a CoE. IBM helped devise technical standards and governance for RPA applications. The CoE specified an RPA change management process and how to support RPA solutions. IBM’s consulting on the CoE helped DBS standardize, document and govern its automation solutions company-wide and using RPA, IBM helped the bank automate its business processes.

Solution Component

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