Ultimately, the IBM solution is helping us to gain the most from our resources, and make smarter decisions about investments in our manufacturing network – driving higher revenues and profits.

Niklas Steding, IT Project Lead, Continental Tires

Business Challenge story

Continental Tires wanted to gain competitive advantage by eliminating inefficiencies in its production landscape, which manufactures 10,000 different products.


The company chose to replace manual, spreadsheet-based allocation of products to production plants with a sophisticated optimization solution. The software calculates how to make the best possible use of available machine capacities while taking constraints around factors such as logistics into account.


The firm can now make better choices regarding which products to produce at which locations, predict and prevent major bottlenecks before they occur, and assess the likely impact of investments in additional resources earlier and faster than before – driving smarter decision-making.

Solution Category

  • IBM Hybrid Cloud
  • Solution Components

    • IBM Global Business Services
    • Software Services for Business Analytics