Embedding Aspera on Demand running in the cloud directly into our SHARC digital distribution platform was an obvious choice and allowed us to extend the benefits of high-speed digital delivery to over 100 movie theaters using SHARC

Thomas Ramin, CTO, CinePostproduction

Business Challenge story

Until 2014, physical shipment was the main method used at CinePostproduction to distribute cinema content to their partners in the DACH region. With the transition from 35-millimeter film to digital cinema, film producers and distributors are faced with the question of how to deliver DCP masters electronically. Despite this wide shift to digital, the most common method for distributing DCPs has paradoxically remained the physical shipment of specialized hard disks via courier or satellite delivery. The challenge is further complicated by the large volume and size of the media files: DCPs typically range from 100GB to as large as 400GB. And the data volumes are even greater for its TV and cinema postproduction business area; CinePostproduction needs to send data sets between 150GB to 1.5TB per feature film, which occasionally need to be transferred globally.


Thanks to their new system SHARC, which fully integrates IBM® Aspera® on Demand running in the cloud, CinePostproduction can now transfer encrypted, high-resolution Digital Cinema Packages (DCP) with up to 2K or 4K resolutions between the CinePostproduction Content Delivery Network servers in their data center and the participating cinemas in the DACH region.


With Aspera On Demand transparently integrated within their SHARC system, CinePostproduction positions itself as a marketplace leader for cinema content distribution in the DACH region. While in the past the physical shipment of hard copies could take up to one week, today content is delivered within hours. And in many cases, standard DSL or cable Internet lines can be used for secure and reliable transfer of data volumes between 150GB and 1.5TB across Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The rapid speed at which they can provide their clients with new media content offers a compelling advantage over other solutions.

The compute and storage resources needed to distribute DCP change over time depending on the number of movies and the number of theaters involved in the release. Running Aspera On Demand in the cloud allows CinePostproduction to scale up transfer capacity as needed to help meet the variable demand and provide on-time delivery to the cinemas.

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