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Each technological innovation presents businesses with new paths to success, while also exposing them to even fiercer competition. How could Capital BPM evolve its services to help clients thrive?


Capital BPM launched a new generation of cloud-based solutions, enabling the company to serve clients in a broader range of locations and industries than ever before.


2x quicker

sales cycle thanks to cloud

5x faster

resolution of problems by reducing the need to visit customer sites


revenue growth year-on-year

Business challenge story

Steering into the fast lane

With each new wave of technological development, organizations are presented with fresh ways to develop their operations and improve customer service. At the same time, innovation is making competition much fiercer across a whole host of markets and is giving rise to a new generation of customer expectations for ever faster, more effective and convenient services.

To help meet these rising customer expectations, many US businesses enlist the help of expert partners such as Capital BPM, which specializes in helping clients to streamline their business processes to cut costs and free up more resources to drive innovation.

John Robinson, VP of Customer Engagement at Capital BPM, explains: “For decades, we have been providing clients in government, banking and healthcare sectors with the tools to streamline their business process management, operational decision management and training processes. Following the rise of cloud computing, our role as a business partner changed significantly.

“Being a partner for on-premises deployments is a bit like saying that if I am a driver, I can win any race driving in any car on any track. But in reality, if you are deploying within a customer’s existing IT landscape, you may come across infrastructure and software that you have never seen before and which can spark unforeseen challenges. For example, you will probably need to fine-tune your solution to fit the client’s IT estate. In many ways, we were acting like engineers in a formula one racing team, optimizing each individual part of a complex vehicle to give it the best chance of winning the race.

“Cloud changes this completely. With cloud, you drive the same car every day, so you know exactly how it handles with a cold engine, in the rain or in the snow. That enables you to block out a lot of noise and avoid bumps and potholes on the journey.”

Capital BPM recognized that to deliver smooth deployments faster, it needed to transform its business to embrace the cloud model.

With IBM Watson® Language Translator, we can easily translate our solution into different languages—helping us to bring Capital BPM solutions to a global audience.

John Robinson, VP of Customer Engagement, Capital BPM

Transformation story

Leading the way

To ensure its clients’ businesses can occupy pole position in their respective markets, Capital BPM seized the opportunity to enhance its services with best-of-breed cloud solutions from IBM.

John Robinson continues: “With IBM Cloud and IBM Business Process Manager, we developed IQ, a user-friendly, code-free BPM solution, which enables users to design and deploy business process applications quickly and effectively. We also built Q, a BPM testing tool which we designed to simplify and automate the testing of business process applications in their runtime environment, so users can save time at the quality assurance stage and get their solutions to market much faster. With our Q solution, IBM BPM clients can reduce QA cycles by between 30 and 35 percent, as well as test their application’s adaptability on the new version of BPM in a matter of minutes, versus at least eight weeks previously.

“We decided to build our solutions on IBM Cloud, because it was such a comprehensive service that put a huge range of cloud platforms and cloud-ready solutions at our fingertips. We also knew that, by working with IBM, we could not only evolve our solution in line with IBM’s own product development, but also reach a broader client base. In fact, not long after we launched Q and IQ, IBM showcased both solutions on the IBM Business Partner marketplace—providing us with an excellent platform to demonstrate our innovation to potential clients.”

The IQ and Q solutions represent valuable intellectual property for Capital BPM. Critically, the solutions are repeatable, so the company can help many more clients solve problems without having to put in so much legwork and bespoke development for each deployment—unlocking massive time savings.

Stepping into the cloud hasn’t just dramatically accelerated fresh deployments—it is also transforming the way Capital BPM provides ongoing support to its customers. Because technicians no longer need to visit client sites in person to complete most tasks, Capital BPM can assign jobs within its workforce based on where each individual’s skills lie, rather than their proximity to the customer location. As a result, the company can better capitalize on employees’ expertise—and most problems can be resolved remotely five times faster than before. By reducing the need for employees to go to customer sites to complete tasks, Capital BPM has cut travel costs by 17 percent.

John Robinson adds: “Cloud has paved the way for us to capitalize on new opportunities, help our existing clients solve a broader range of business challenges, and reach out to new markets. For example, we have recently entered the healthcare space, and we are working with a provider that administers kidney treatment for patients across the US.

“The client’s vision is to transform the business for patients by rethinking how its services are delivered, affecting fundamentals across systems and the company’s day-to-day operating model. Cloud will be a prime factor in this equation.”

For clients in highly regulated industries such as banking, Capital BPM offers private- or hybrid cloud solutions, enabling the organizations to take advantage of the speed and flexibility of cloud while adhering to compliance requirements.

Because we can now provide our clients with live demonstrations of solutions remotely and in a matter of hours, we have shortened out sales cycle by 50 percent, kick-starting business growth.

John Robinson, VP of Customer Engagement, Capital BPM

Results story

Stepping into a bright future

Equipped with IBM Cloud solutions, Capital BPM is better placed to help clients transform their business, while at the same time shortening its sales cycle, fixing issues more quickly, and bringing its proprietary solutions to new markets.

John Robinson says: “Moving into the cloud with IBM cloud solutions has been a real game-changer for Capital BPM. Because we can now provide our clients with live demonstrations of solutions remotely and in a matter of hours, we have shortened our sales cycle by 50 percent, kick-starting business growth. Instead of planning an installation at the client’s physical location, which could take up to six weeks, we enable them to access our products via IBM Cloud. We can cut through the background noise of infrastructure and databases, and instead devote our energy into helping our clients improve their core business processes.

“Moreover, the fact that we can easily combine and integrate our solutions with IBM cloud solutions is broadening the horizon of sales opportunities. For instance, we have engaged a client based in Canada who is interested in implementing our Q and IQ solutions and they require user interfaces in both English and French. Before we moved to cloud, the dual-language requirement would have been a significant barrier to the sale. With IBM Watson® Language Translator, we can easily translate our solution into different languages—helping us to bring Capital BPM solutions to a global audience.”

John Robinson concludes: “IBM Cloud solutions enable us to bring a transformational set of business process management tools to the market. With these solutions, we are helping our clients to leverage the power of the cloud and evolve their business in line with the latest technological innovations.”

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