Business Challenge

To grow revenues, Build IT Solutions set out to find a way to enable its salespeople and technical specialists to work more productively, serve more clients and win more business.


Build IT Solutions reinvented itself as a cloud solutions specialist, enabling staff to spin up POCs, demonstrate ROI to clients and complete deployments all in record time.


40% shorter

sales cycle boosts efficiency and speeds time-to-value for clients

2-4 weeks

to develop POCs that previously might have been prohibitively expensive

16% more clients

served with the same headcount

Business Challenge Story

Stepping up to the challenge

The marketplace for IT service providers is growing increasingly crowded, and companies that fail to adapt have a limited lifespan. To stay at the leading edge of innovation – and at the forefront of clients’ minds – Build IT Solutions has transformed its business dramatically.

Alex Makino, Commercial Director at Build IT Solutions, explains: “A few years ago, our typical client scenario involved delivering on-premise solutions that we needed to implement in development, Q&A and production environments. The process was time-consuming, because the set-up in each environment involved a lot of work, and in many cases we had to travel to the customer site to complete the deployment.

“What’s more, we had to liaise with the client’s IT team to ensure that they had granted us sufficient hardware capacity before we completed deployments. And because we had to install the software on whichever hardware the client was running – occasionally including servers from unfamiliar vendors – we sometimes encountered unforeseen challenges. With all these hurdles to jump over, we had to invest a lot of time and energy to deliver even a basic prototype for a client.”

Build IT Solutions is a relatively small company, but it has big dreams. To provide faster time-to-value to clients and to win more business, Build IT Solutions needed to find a way for its salespeople and technical specialists to work more productively.

The cloud approach is helping us to open more doors and close more deals.

Alex Makino, Commercial Director, Build IT Solutions

Transformation Story

Taking the leap

The development of cloud computing presented a ripe opportunity for Build IT Solutions. By harnessing IBM® Cloud solutions, the company has transformed its portfolio around the new approach. With the cloud model, salespeople and technicians no longer need to worry about working within the client’s existing IT estate, and can instead dedicate their efforts to solving business challenges and delivering 2x faster ROI for clients on average.

Alongside the transition to cloud, Build IT Solutions has started taking greater advantage of remote specialists, who can complete tasks in 34 percent less time and often at lower cost than on-site resources. Furthermore, the company has adopted an agile project management methodology – focusing on delivering a prototype quickly, then tweaking the product during subsequent sprints until it neatly fits the client’s requirements.

The transition to cloud has enabled Build IT Solutions to diversify its range of offerings and deliver them to clients cost-effectively.

“We can sell smaller solutions or application programming interfaces (APIs) to clients at very competitive rates,” continues Alex Makino. “In an on-premise model, it would not have made financial sense for us to take on this business, because we would have had to invest so much time in the initial set-up for each client. Thanks to cloud, we can serve new kinds of customers with leading-edge solutions at 28 percent lower cost.”

Build IT Solutions has also embraced hackathons as a new way of working with and engaging clients and prospects.

Alex Makino elaborates: “We take part in hackathons to help us learn more about emerging technologies. We like to invite our customers too, because hackathons inspire them to discover new solutions and think about how they could be applied to tackle real-world business challenges. Many clients are astonished to see how you can build a functioning prototype in just one or two days by harnessing cloud resources – it’s a completely different approach to the slow, rigid world of on-premise computing.”

The new approach is paying off, and Build IT Solutions has won business from new clients spanning multiple industries. For example, the company recently used cloud solutions to help a university deliver educational resources to students. The cloud model was a game-changer, as it enabled thousands of students to access the website during peak times such as exam season. In another project, Build IT Solutions harnessed APIs from IBM Watson® to help a client automatically read tax documents and map tax payments across its business units.

We have already come a long way, and with IBM at our side, we feel well-equipped for whatever challenges the future may bring.

Alex Makino, Commercial Director, Build IT Solutions

Results Story

Reaching new heights of success

The move to cloud has enabled Build IT Solutions to avoid much of the back-end work involved in setting up a new solution for a client – helping the company to shorten its sales cycle by 40 percent.

“Because we don’t need to worry about hardware or coordinating with our clients’ in-house IT teams, we can deliver solutions and perform testing so much faster than before,” remarks Alex Makino. “We can start small and rapidly spin up a proof of concept for a client within two to four weeks, so that we can show customers how the solutions will work and demonstrate ROI. Then, when the client says yes, we can scale fast to meet their needs.

“It’s a huge transformation, because some of the business is relatively small, and it simply would not have been financially viable for us to set up the solutions and service these accounts using an on-premise model. What’s more, we can use POCs to help our clients discover cutting-edge technologies and encourage them to innovate. The cloud approach is helping us to open more doors and close more deals.

“Cloud hasn’t just saved time on sales – it also helps us provide ongoing support more cost-effectively too. For example, we harness automation tools from IBM Cloud to automate many background tasks, so our technicians can focus on innovation and value-added work. Thanks to changes like this, we can manage more projects and serve 16 percent more clients with the same size of team.”

Alex Makino concludes: “The technology market moves at immense pace, and if you want to remain relevant, you need to adapt fast. IBM has played a pivotal role in our transformation – enabling us to take advantage of the latest technologies, inviting us to events where we can showcase our work, and supporting our marketing and promotional efforts too. We have already come a long way, and with IBM at our side, we feel well-equipped for whatever challenges the future may bring.”

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