The more you think about hearable computers, the more ideas you get

Darko Dragicevic, Executive Vice President-Partners & Solutions, Bragi GmbH

Business Challenge story

In many walks of life, people could benefit from a device that offers hands-free and eyes-free computing. Consider the industrial worker performing a difficult task wearing heavy gloves, a physician examining a patient, or even a business executive trying to converse with a colleague who speaks a different language. In each case, they could benefit from communications and computing power that keeps their hands and eyes free for other tasks.


The solution is Bragi’s “hearable” computer, a tiny microcomputer with fits in a person’s ears like a set of earbuds. Equipped with more than 100 miniature components, the hearable is controlled by the user’s voice and head gestures. Consumer applications include fitness monitoring and music playing, but integration with the IBM Watson IoT platform can connect business users to information capable of transforming how they interact, communicate and collaborate in the workplace.


Working with IBM, Bragi is exploring six focus areas for enterprise applications: worker safety, guided instructions, smart employee notifications, team communications, workforce analysis and optimization, and biometric ID. In each case, the hearable’s potential for audible hands-free and eyes-free computing suggests promising applications only limited by the human imagination.

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