Business challenge

Delivering consistent, personalized outreach is a powerful way to nurture loyalty, but creating tailored campaigns can be a time-consuming process. How could BCAA bring its campaigns to market faster?


BCAA worked with IBM to shape an automated, data-driven approach to campaign management, using new customer insight to shape smarter marketing outreach.



increase in the number of campaigns that BCAA runs, helping it reach more customers


teams to focus on shaping more innovative and effective marketing outreach


greater customer engagement through more compelling, targeted communication

Business challenge story

Driving deeper engagement

Whether a customer is looking for a home insurance policy or bringing a car in for a tune-up, the British Columbia Automobile Association (BCAA) aims to deliver amazing experiences. To help fulfill this mission, the organization has been working hard to drive a consistent experience across all business lines and channels.

Brooke Moss, Director of Member Engagement at BCAA, takes up the story: “We operate a diverse business with a presence in many different industries—from roadside assistance and auto servicing to insurance and our Evo Car Share service. Regardless of how customers choose to engage with us, we strive to offer a unique experience that makes people feel that they are always dealing with ‘one BCAA’.”

To deliver these consistent, compelling experiences, BCAA has begun to invest heavily in upgrading its data and analytics capability—digging deep into both operational and customer information to strengthen strategic decision-making and customer service. The organization wanted to build on this by creating a more efficient, data-driven approach to marketing.

“We capture a huge amount of data on our customers and wanted to make the most of it when it came to our marketing outreach,” explains Moss. “The trouble was that our existing campaign management platform wasn’t equipped to deliver tailored, multi-channel marketing communications at the speed and scale we were after. It took so much time for us to develop and implement a campaign that we were only able to send out campaigns in weekly or monthly batches at most. We wanted to use our customer data to shape tailored campaigns, then deliver them at the right time and on the right channel.”

We can create more timely and compelling communications, which encourages higher conversion and strengthens customer loyalty.

Brooke Moss, Director of Member Engagement, BCAA

Transformation story

Fine-tuning the marketing process

To transform its approach to customer engagement, BCAA worked with IBM® Lab Services to introduce a new, analytics-driven digital marketing platform.

The organization is bringing together data from its many source systems into a central data repository, creating a single view of customers across all business lines and channels. In addition, BCAA takes advantage of its campaign management platform to unlock new insights from this wealth of data, and create targeted, cross-channel customer interactions.

The new approach enables BCAA to segment its customer base according to customers’ purchase histories, previous interactions with each business line, and unique preferences. With a better understanding of individual customer behavior, marketing teams can shape more tailored messages and deliver them on the optimal channel—helping communications resonate more effectively with their target audience.

Crucially, with highly automated campaign design and delivery tools, BCAA can build and launch campaigns faster than ever. Marketing teams benefit from a single view of customers, and can re-use components such as audiences, segments, offers, treatments and more to design new outbound marketing campaigns quickly and easily.

Results story

On the road to success

BCAA has dramatically improved the efficiency of its marketing processes—boosting campaign output and enhancing the way that its people work.

Moss comments: “Thanks to our new approach, we have increased the number of campaigns we run per year by more than 50 percent. This means we can connect with customers on a much more regular basis. And we’re not just blasting out messages indiscriminately—we are crafting personalized content and delivering it on customers’ preferred channels.

“What’s more, the increased efficiencies are helping our marketing teams to work smarter. They have more time to focus on making sure that the campaigns we run are really effective, and on innovating the way that we market.”

Today, BCAA can engage with customers in a more relevant and timely fashion, delivering consistent digital experiences that incentivize conversion and drive customer loyalty.

Moss concludes: “Working with IBM has helped us to open up our thinking in terms of understanding customer expectations and how to engage each customer. We are evolving the way we market at BCAA. Now that we have a deeper understanding of who our customers are and how they interact with us, we can create more timely and compelling communications—and deliver them in a consistent way across all our businesses and channels—encouraging higher conversion and strengthening loyalty.”

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Founded in 1906, the British Columbia Automobile Association (BCAA) serves one in three BC households with industry-leading products including home, auto and travel insurance, roadside assistance, and full auto services. A non-profit organization, BCAA serves over 850,000 members, employs over 1,000 people, and has 29 service locations and two Auto Service Centers across the region.

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  • IBM Watson Campaign Automation
  • T&T: Customer Loyalty, Sales and Service

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