Business challenge

To support its AI-based call center solution, Applango LTD needed a cloud services provider that could provide robust computing power to serve customers around the globe.


Applango chose IBM Cloud, including both bare metal servers and virtual servers, to provide the computing power it needs to analyze call center activities and make accurate predictions.


Provides the processing power and scalability

needed to support complex analytics

Offers high availability

to facilitate the continuous operations of call center customers

Supports global operations

so Applango can house customer data in whatever location its customers prefer

Business challenge story

In search of a global cloud provider

Applango is a boutique shop providing AI solutions for call centers. The company specializes in predictive solutions to help customers and employees. “With the advantage of knowing in advance what’s going to happen, employees are better prepared to respond to customers,” says Daniel Sarfati, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Applango. “It’s better for customers and for employees.”

As it was developing its solution, Applango realized it needed robust computer processing power to run its AI-based SaaS offering. “We needed some pretty heavy infrastructure to run our solution because what we do is quite complex and requires serious computing power,” says Sarfati. As it began to evaluate cloud providers, Applango needed to make sure that its data compliance concerns could be addressed. The company serves customers all over the world, and many of its customers must store their customers’ personal data locally.

IBM Cloud is superior to anything else we’ve tried and it’s competitive in pricing as well.

Daniel Sarfati, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Applango LTD

Transformation story

Computing power to support complex analytics

Applango chose IBM Cloud as the platform for its SaaS offering. “IBM Cloud is superior to anything else we’ve tried and it’s competitive in pricing as well,” says Sarfati.  The business is using IBM bare metal servers and virtual servers to analyze hundreds of call center activities to identify patterns and make accurate predictions. Call center employees are prepared to intervene when there might be a potential customer satisfaction issue – and prevent that issue from becoming a full-blown problem. The Applango solution also helps with call center employee retention. Applango can predict which employees might be preparing to quit, giving managers the opportunity to take corrective action towards employee retention.  

IBM has global operations, so if an Applango customer needs its data stored locally for security or compliance reasons, IBM Cloud can easily accommodate that need.
“We use data collected by our customers to make our smart predictions on what is going to happen in their processes next,” says Sarfati. “That data includes recognizable data about our customers.” So with IBM Cloud, customers can choose to store their data in a location that meets their security requirements so that all recognizable customer data is protected.

Applango has also experimented with using IBM Watson® offerings to expand the AI capabilities of its solution.

Results story

A platform designed for reliability

Since moving to IBM Cloud, Applango has appreciated the platform’s ability to support its business around the globe. Designed for reliability and availability, IBM Cloud also provides portability. “It doesn’t matter if a customer is based in the US, or in Italy, or in Israel,” says Sarfati.

Applango has found it easy to migrate its service from one geographical location to another with IBM Cloud. “When we decided to move our service from the UK to the IBM servers in Germany to avoid any problems with Brexit, the move was flawless,” says Sarfati. “We didn’t even feel it.”

The business has also enjoyed assistance from IBM. “When we need help it’s never an issue to bring in another expert to help us, whether it’s in in Israel or elsewhere, it’s only a matter of days and we get all the answers we need,” says Sarfati.

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Applango LTD

Founded in 2012, Applango is a provider of a boutique shop providing SaaS AI solutions for call centers in the cloud. The business uses AI to find customer-specific best practices to improve agent productivity and create a better customer experience. The business has offices in Ra'anana, Israel and Stamford, Connecticut.


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