Data resilience for modern government services
APIS IT protects its containerized environment with IBM Spectrum Protect Plus
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The central IT agency for the Croatian government, APIS IT, delivers IT support for critical government entities such as the tax system, the customs system and all elections.

The state-owned company is the cloud provider to the government and the largest infrastructure service provider. To maintain this position and ensure further growth, APIS IT needed to modernize its infrastructure to increase resiliency, streamline operations and ensure applications are safe and protected. The company’s IT modernization plan included developing and containerizing everything on the Red Hat® OpenShift® (link resides outside of platform and protecting it with data resilience and data access capabilities.

Like most organizations today, APIS IT needed to do more with less—achieve more flexible, modern services that provide greater flexibility and speed within budget. The biggest challenge to its plan is the nature of its business. The company’s applications are highly dynamic, and therefore classic backup processes are not applicable to its new containerized environment. Its legacy infrastructure was holding it back.

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One of the major challenges was the dynamic nature of our applications—we needed technology to back up databases, configurations and other resources using Kubernetes. Jasmin Strkonjic Head of Distributed Systems APIS IT
Snapshot backups dynamically protect application data

APIS IT was already using IBM Spectrum® Protect and IBM Spectrum Protect Plus software to unify protection and provide recovery, replication and reuse in its private government cloud. Upgrading to the newest release allowed it to easily integrate with Red Hat OpenShift Data Foundation (formerly known as OpenShift Container Storage) natively.

The new release also extended functionality to help APIS IT design a modern application infrastructure. IBM Spectrum Protect Plus integrated easily with Red Hat OpenShift to provide snapshot backups of diverse applications, such as entire databases within containers, including data and configuration files. The company also adopted OpenShift Single Sign-On (SSO), which is mission-critical for APIS IT.

Implementation was straightforward and simplified our processes. Now we simply run a database inside OpenShift, connect applications to it, set policies inside Spectrum Protect Plus, then start backing up. Jasmin Strkonjic Head of Distributed Systems APIS IT
Streamlined backup and recovery for service continuity

The new infrastructure at APIS IT streamlines the process of re-creating applications from a backup, providing data resilience for continuity of business and IT services. It enables cross-team collaboration, with different micro teams managing components of the environment and working together to achieve their business goals. APIS IT is also now benefitting from security by design for every containerized application that it deploys, from an infrastructure perspective. This allows APIS IT to consistently apply security policies across the entire OpenShift ecosystem, protecting it from ransomware and malware.

The greatest benefit for APIS IT is that IBM Spectrum Protect Plus only backs up the snapshot persistent volume without affecting the running persistent volume. As a result, it provides data resilience without interfering with the production workload.

“The resulting efficiency will allow APIS IT to run more diverse workloads in greater volumes. It will also allow APIS IT to migrate some of our customers’ legacy applications to newer, modern applications,” says Jasmin Strkonjic, Head of Distributed Systems at APIS IT. “All government entities, ministries and offices from local to larger are trying to digitize their work. Croatia is trying to make more digital platforms for our citizens—this environment will be instrumental in helping us achieve this.”

To further simplify the solution, all storage is managed from the OpenShift console. Adding databases is straightforward and takes only a few minutes.

The combined solution of IBM Spectrum Protect Plus and OpenShift is the only enterprise solution that offers both snapshots and real backups for resilient containerized environments and is also very easy to implement in production. If you have very important data to back up, this is the only solution available. Jasmin Strkonjic Head of Distributed Systems APIS IT
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With over 50 years of experience as a reliable partner to public administration, APIS IT (link resides outside of provides advisory services and designs IT solutions that are synonymous with quality and security, thereby contributing to building a digital society. APIS IT, through the synergy of competences, innovation and business standards, provides IT support for the digital transformation of public administration, thus creating new values for society. As the leading public ICT service provider in Croatia, APIS IT is a member of EURITAS, European organization of public ICT service providers.

APIS IT often seeks out technology improvements to ensure they are offering best of breed, leading-edge services to the agencies they support. A strong 50-year relationship with IBM enables APIS to provide cutting-edge technology solutions.

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