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All Web Leads routinely interacts with consumers on the cusp of buying insurance. How can it grab consumers’ attention and deliver timely, relevant offers to drive conversions?


All Web Leads uses IBM® Watson® Campaign Automation to launch re-targeting campaigns at scale—enabling it to reconnect with interested consumers at key points in the purchasing cycle.



consumers at crucial points along their decision-making journeys


consumers with compelling, relevant offers that inspires higher conversions

4% boost

in margins by encouraging more insurance policy sales

Business challenge story

Reaching consumers at the right time

The internet has made buying insurance easier than ever. Because consumers can now compare quotes from hundreds of providers online and sign up for a new policy in minutes, the marketplace is extremely competitive. To entice consumers, insurers increasingly need to provide compelling offers that match individual needs.

Founded in 2005, All Web Leads helps insurance agents, brokers and carriers solve this challenge by connecting them with qualified, high-intent consumers.

Allison Conyngham, senior marketing director at All Web Leads, explains: “We specialize in customer acquisition marketing for the insurance industry, including providers of auto, health, home and life coverage.

“Every month, we receive more than 20 million requests for quotes. In the past, we would share the best of these quotes with our insurance industry customers via a lead or call product. However, if the consumer wasn’t at the right stage in the buying cycle to commit—for example, if his or her policy wasn’t due for renewal for another two months—we had no way to re-engage them.”

All Web Leads realized it could drive substantial improvements to conversion rates by introducing re-targeting into its marketing mix. Implementing these capabilities at scale, however, proved challenging.

“With millions of sends every month and a lean marketing team, we were simply unable to deliver re-targeting using manual processes,” Conyngham says. “To build our re-market email channel, we looked for a way to automate the re-targeting process in an intelligent, cost-efficient way.”

Thanks to our IBM solution, we can re-target consumers with compelling, engaging messages as they move through the decision-making cycle.

Allison Conyngham, Senior marketing director, All Web Leads

Transformation story

Enabling automated re-targeting at scale

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To solve the issue, All Web Leads deployed IBM Watson Campaign Automation—a digital marketing platform that enables businesses to design, launch and measure the results of multi-stage, multi-wave campaigns.

“Based on our experiences with email marketing service providers in the past, we were clear from the outset that we wanted a vendor with an excellent reputation—and IBM met that requirement perfectly,” Conyngham recalls. “As well as possessing deep expertise in the digital marketing space, we were confident that IBM had the support resources we needed to keep our re-targeting services running smoothly 24/7.”

Today, All Web Leads uses the IBM solution to reach consumers at key points in their individual purchasing cycles.

“If consumers are filling out multiple quote requests, we know that their intent to purchase is high—but before our IBM solution went live, we had no way of re-engaging those consumers if we hadn’t connected with them at the optimal time in their decision-making process,” Conyngham says. “IBM Watson Campaign Automation empowers us to touch base with consumers at multiple points through their journey—helping us nurture them from comparison to decision.”

She continues: “We can now tailor our outreach to each consumer based on predictive analytics insights into their individual needs and preferences. For instance, if a consumer who previously requested a quote for home insurance submits a new request for auto insurance, we can automatically send them a relevant offer to re-shop competitive homeowner rates—helping us create new up- and cross-selling opportunities.”

By continually monitoring the results of its outreach, All Web Leads can refine its campaigns for maximum effectiveness.

“We are an extremely data-driven organization, and we set daily, weekly and monthly targets for the number of leads we generate, as well as revenue and margin,” Conyngham explains. “If we see that customer engagement is lower than expected for a specific campaign, we can drill down into the results in IBM Watson Campaign Automation and zero in on the underlying cause. Crucially, we can do A/B testing to see if our changes are having the desired effect on click-through and conversion rates—whether it’s something as simple as changing the creative for a subject line or something more involved like adding a cross-sell component to a campaign.”

She adds: “We’ve now been working with the IBM solution for a number of years, and one of the things that keeps us renewing year after year is the responsive support we receive. If we ever have a question or need guidance, we know that we’ll get a fast response—typically the same working day. IBM also manages DNC [do not contact] and opt-out lists on our behalf, which helps us to focus on our core competencies while minimizing our exposure to compliance and data governance risks.”

Results story

Driving conversion and lifting revenues

With automated re-targeting campaigns running 365 days a year, All Web Leads can nurture customers along their decision-making journeys—helping the company drive conversion rates for clients and boost revenues.

“From the moment a consumer engages with us, we start a multi-wave campaign to hold their interest throughout the buying cycle,” Conyngham says. “For example, if a customer has requested a quote for health insurance but hasn’t engaged by a certain number of weeks before the enrollment deadline, we can automatically send him or her a third-party offer to spark interest again.

“By keeping our clients’ products at the front of consumers’ minds, we increase the likelihood of conversions significantly—and we’re already measuring extremely positive results. Since we launched our re-targeting capabilities along with welcome emails to consumers, we have seen a two percent increase in our revenues and a four percent increase in margin. We are confident that the channel will grow with our business, and become an even more important contributor to our overall revenues.”

By embracing an automated platform, All Web Leads can keep millions of consumers engaged every month while freeing its personnel to focus on value-added activities.

Looking to the future, All Web Leads is planning to enhance its digital marketing capabilities with more precise segmentation and product recommendation capabilities.

“We see that relevant, compelling content is critical to encourage customers to read a message,” Conyngham says. “We have millions of customers in our database—and we are now investigating new ways to utilize that data to increase the granularity of our recommendations.”

She concludes: “Conversion often depends on meeting the customer at the right point on his or her journey. Thanks to our IBM solution, we can re-target consumers with compelling, engaging messages as they move through the decision-making cycle.”

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All Web Leads

Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Austin, Texas, All Web Leads is a specialist provider of customer acquisition marketing services focused on the insurance industry. Delivering tens of thousands of high-intent, qualified consumers to its customers every day, All Web Leads helps insurance agents, brokers and carriers acquire more consumers and drive increased profitably.

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