With the use of the [IBM Watson] algorithms and artificial intelligence, we are actually reducing [our customers’] work somewhere around 97 or 98 percent.

Karl-Oskar Brännström, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Aigine AB

Business Challenge

With the advent of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union, businesses are scrambling to ensure that they protect their customer’s data and privacy. Aigine was founded to find the shards of personal information that lurk deep inside businesses’ unstructured data files.


The Aigine Unstructured Data Inventory Engine (UDIE) uses a suite of IBM Watson AI technologies and services connected to the IBM StoredIQ solution to examine files and cordon off those that contain personal information. Solution algorithms help the organization determine the disposition of the data to help customers comply with the GDPR.

Solution Category

  • AI/Watson