There are millions of dollars tied up in contested claims, which our product CAVO, underpinned by IBM® Cloudant® makes all of the structured and unstructured data throughout the claims process searchable and accessible across claims processing silos.

—Bill Butler,Vice President, Software Architecture,Advent Health Partners

Business Challenge story

In order to improve hospital profitability and provide a superior service, Advent needed to streamline the insurance claim process to help hospitals settle disputes with insurance providers faster and with greater efficiency. This realization led the company to develop CAVO—technology that integrates multiple sources of data, including paper documents, indexes them and simplifies access to disparate data related to a claim.


CAVO allows users to instantly develop a smart search for text for a particular claim, across all of a provider’s claims, or even across an entire health system, significantly accelerating information retrieval. At the heart of this revolutionary technology is IBM Cloudant, a NoSQL database platform built for unstructured data stored in the cloud.


Improved efficiency has delivered impressive savings on the highly-skilled staff needed to perform such work. As teams can work through a higher volume of cases, Advent has been able to maintain relatively flat staffing levels, even as its business has grown. What’s more, the time saved on low-level work empowers these clinical workers to focus on more value-added tasks.

Solution Category

  • IBM Hybrid Cloud