IBM Integrated Analytics System Mini Appliance is now available.

What is IBM Integrated Analytics System?

IBM Integrated Analytics System is a unified hybrid data management analytics solution providing massively parallel processing. It comprises a high-performance hardware platform and optimized database query engine software that work together to support various data analysis and business-reporting capabilities. The subcomponents have been developed, tuned and tested to save setup and administration time and costs.

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Run analytics faster

Simplify installation, management and administration

Benefit from a data analytics warehouse that is preconfigured and performance-optimized for large volumes of data.

Drive cloud-ready flexibility

Shift workloads within a public cloud, private cloud and on-premises environment, based on your application requirements.

Better-enable your data scientist

Collaboratively analyze data using the built-in IBM Watson® Studio solution, or use existing Jupyter notebooks and bring data scientists to your organization’s data.

Gain real-time value with machine learning (ML)

Stream, analyze and learn from data sets with machine learning without explicit programming, so data scientists can develop and improve ML models on the platform where the data resides.

Access, query and analyze data across your data warehouse and Hadoop

Use IBM Common SQL Engine for workload portability and skill sharing across public and private clouds.

Reduce disruptions by scaling out incrementally

Scale out compute power and storage in-place and reduce disruptions to your analytics systems.