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This is Gaby. Creating digital transformation.

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Welcome to episode 1 in a new interview series, This is my IBM.

This week I talk to Gaby Goury, an Associate within IBM Consulting. Gaby tells us how she created digital transformation for a government department, making its data work smarter, and how her biggest inspiration is her dad.

How did your life as an IBMer begin?

I joined as a Technology Consultant into IBM Consulting in Sept 2020. I had completed a degree in Politics and International Relations and then a masters in Computer Science. I started an internship in software development but when I got the opportunity to join IBM, I jumped at the chance.

What were the first few months as an IBM consultant like?

As soon as I finished my induction, I was asked to work on developing an internal tool to solve the problem of finding the right people and skills when resourcing projects in the cluster. I took on a ScrumMaster/Business Analyst style of role – probably because I’m a bit of a control freak at heart.

Tell me about your first client-facing role?

After about 5 months, I was asked to join the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) account as a Scrum Master on a prototype project. We were able to really bring to life for the client how IBM is able to take them on their digital transformation journey. We quickly became subject matter experts and were often called upon to share best practice with other teams.

And is that the most exciting thing that you have worked on so far?

I love the opportunities I have had to work on projects where you can really see the difference you can make solving real-world problems. My favourite has to be an investigation on creating a decentralised personalised data store. You know the problem – you’ve got to renew your passport, so you have to add all your personal details. Then you want to change the address on your driving licence, you give your personal details all over again. Go on holiday, and you fill out a Passenger Locator Form. It’s all government departments, but none of the data is shared. I interviewed citizens and learnt about their real-life issues; it really brought it home how much it matters to find a solution that puts the control of personal data back with the citizen.

What’s surprised you most since joining IBM?

I think the biggest surprise has been the flat structure that we have at IBM. I was expecting more red tape. From day one, my manager treated me as an equal. I feel empowered to contribute all my own ideas and have the space to run with them.

Any other opportunities or initiatives that you have found time to get involved in?

I’ve been working within the UK Black BRG to build the Black Women of Tomorrow, providing a safe space for Black women which facilitates community, and personal and professional growth. One thing I’ve found here is that we don’t just treat Diversity and Inclusion as a “tick box” exercise. I’ve been invited to a number of calls with Rahul Kalia and other Executives, where we’ve been able to speak openly about our experience at IBM.

Who inspires you?

My dad is definitely my biggest inspiration. He went from being homeless as a teenager to building an incredible career and life for our family. My dad inspires me to keep my feet on the ground no matter how many stars I reach for, to stay true to myself and to leave every situation better than I found it.

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