Adobe Practice Lead for IBM iX

By Sharad Somanchi and others on 26 July, 2021

IBM and Adobe: Empowering Creativity

IBM and Adobe: Empowering Creativity Creative leaders and their teams with enterprise-scale content outputs have hit the limits of complexity in creating, managing and optimising their content for a great, personalised customer experience. To empower creative teams to deliver quality at scale and speed, Adobe and IBM have teamed up to bring an end to […]

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By Sharad Somanchi on 18 December, 2020

Let’s get personal: CX transformation to a segment of 1

There are broadly three intertwined factors that are driving transformation in customer experience in 2020. And, while wrestling with the complexity behind such change can be daunting, the upside for businesses who get it right can in itself be transformational. The first driver here is customers themselves. In a year that has accelerated online interaction […]

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