Life Sciences Lead, IBM Global Business Service, UK and Ireland.

By Dr. Nicole Mather and Seema Raman on 26 March, 2024

Streamlining Life Sciences Research: Simplifying Data Access with Design Principles

Life Sciences research and development is complicated: complex tasks are carried out in an environment of big data, specialised technology and regulated processes. The challenges of this complexity risks making processes and interactions iterative, slow and expensive. To accelerate innovation in the development of safe and effective treatments, Life Sciences organisations need to cut through these challenges […]

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By Dr. Nicole Mather and others on 29 June, 2022

Accelerating Healthcare Transformation through Patient-Centred MedTech Solutions

Connected devices can transform care delivery for patients and improve outcomes. Putting patients at the centre of a care ecosystem which is more participative and personalised will improve patient engagement, health outcomes and the productivity of healthcare delivery: Designing the digital experience with patients and carers will enable a transformation in the way devices are […]

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By Dr. Nicole Mather on 21 March, 2022

IBM and Genomics England Forge New Partnership to Transform Patient Care

Genomics, the study of how your genes interact with the external world, is transforming how medical science works. England is leading the world in using this information in the healthcare system, enabling clinicians to bring these insights to determine the treatment for a particular patient – this is precision medicine. Understanding genomes can provide evidence […]

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By Dr. Nicole Mather on 13 September, 2019

Reinventing clinical trials: delivering on the vision of digital transformation in health

Last year 870,000 patients in the NHS had the opportunity to access cutting-edge treatments early as part of clinical trials.  NHS DigiTrial is one of seven new hubs announced by Health Data Research UK. The hubs aim to reinvent the approach to trials, enabling cutting-edge research for health discoveries, to help bring new therapies to […]

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