Daniel Mallinson

By Daniel Mallinson on 14 February, 2018

IoT and AI at Marwell Zoo: How to Build a Better Bed

What do queues, zoos, and machine learning have in common? Watson IoT, of course! Marwell Zoo is building better beds for their animals with IoT and machine learning. Using Watson IoT Platform, the park’s keepers are working in tandem with IBM, designing a better way to reduce energy consumption. All while creating a more comfortable […]

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By Daniel Mallinson on 18 October, 2017

Watson Summit London 2017: Highlights from the Festival of Disruption

Formula 1 cars, astronauts, more technology than you can poke a stick at and candy floss; lots of candy floss. These were just some of the highlights attendees were treated to at last week’s Watson Summit in London. In the five years that I’ve been working in the industry, I’ve honestly never seen so much […]

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