The AIOps & Management user group: discover the benefits of a community of experts, by experts, and for experts

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Are you looking for the tools to solve complex automation problems? Do you want to share ideas and experiences with your AIOps peers? Do you want to keep up with the latest industry happenings? And are you based in the Benelux? If so, it’s time to join the IBM Benelux AIOps & Management user group.


Introducing the AIOps & Management user group

The IBM Benelux AIOps & Management user group is a community of practitioners, business partners, and IBM Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) that all use IBM AIOps tools, including Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps, Instana, and Turbonomic. What can you expect from and do in the user group?

  • Use the forums to ask and answer questions and join discussions.
  • Post blogs about interesting news or to share custom-made developments on the platform.
  • Be informed about relevant events organized by IBM or other users.
  • Stay in contact with your peers and practitioners in the market.
  • Share experiences as the technology develops and more workloads and applications move to the cloud.


Leaders and liaisons: introducing Sander Joosten

While the IBM Benelux AIOps & Management user group is managed by users for users, a group of leaders and liaisons act in an admin role, including Sander Joosten, the only IBM representative.

With 15 years of IBM experience under his belt, most recently in Technical Sales IT Service Management, Sander uses his in-depth knowledge of the IBM Cloud Automation portfolio to support customers with a wide range of pre- and post-sales AIOps queries. This includes keeping an eye on questions raised in the forum and answering them if another user doesn’t step in first.


Welcome to Instana and Turbonomic users

Recently IBM acquired Instana and Turbonomic and is in the process of onboarding users from these companies. As part of IBM, users from these companies are welcome to join the IBM Benelux AIOps & Management user group.

The tools and applications for Instana and Turbonomic have been integrated into IBM’s AIOps solutions:

  • IBM Observability by Instana APM
    DevOps teams can accelerate their CI/CD pipelines thanks to Instana providing organizations with enterprise observability to manage the performance of complex applications and software no matter where they reside.
  • Turbonomic Application Resource Management
    By continuously analyzing applications’ resource needs, Turbonomic Application Resource Management for IBM Cloud Paks ensure your applications get what they need to perform while adhering to your business policies.
  • IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps
    Innovate faster, reduce operational cost, and transform IT operations (ITOps) across a changing landscape with IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps that delivers visibility into performance data and dependencies across environments.


Looking at the big picture: IBM user groups

The IBM user groups cover a wide range of areas, each divided into country or regional communities. Each community is run for and by its users, ensuring that the content is exactly what the users want and need.

As technology and solutions develop and evolve, so do the IBM user groups. For this reason, a new user group focused purely on Storage has just been started. Users are welcome to join or move to this new group or join the AIOps & Management user group. Alternatively, users can become a member of both groups.


Join the Benelux AIOps & Management user group

If you’d like to find out more, visit the AIOps & Management community page. For the full experience, join the community and create your profile. In case of questions, please contact me, Sander, or one of the other users and practitioners.


IT Service Management Technical Sales @ IBM

Wim Peeters

Cloud Integration & Automation Technical Leader, Benelux

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