Close the gap in the protection of your employees at home and in the office

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IBM partners Proofpoint and CrowdStrike integrate best-of-breed e-mail and endpoint security

More and more people are working remotely. This results in extra security risks, as also shown from the figures: 92% of all malware on a business network comes in via e-mail. How can you protect your employees against this? Watch the webinar  to find out more about integrated e-mail and endpoint security.

Business e-mail sent from endpoints such as laptops, mobile phones and tablets is currently the weakest security link in business networks. Firstly because we are working more from home – on more, different devices. Secondly due to the increasingly clever ways in which hackers are taking advantage of this. They also now know that employees are less careful if they are working on their own phone, laptop or tablet, in a trusted home environment.

Cybercriminals raise the stakes
The number of ransomware attacks are soaring and this cybercrime starts with an e-mail. With ransomware attacks systems and data are generally blocked, but criminals are now going one step further. They increasingly threaten to leak data if the victim doesn’t pay. And the number of attacks are growing. This is due to the fact that cybercrime is increasingly on an industrial scale. The proceeds of ransomware are so high and predictable that cybercriminals even dare to invest in call centers.

Survival of the fastest
Another worrying development is that hackers are getting faster all the time. It takes Russian nation state cybercriminals an average of 18 minutes to penetrate a network. Hackers who don’t work for a country are often slightly slower: it takes them an average of 4.5 hours to penetrate a business network. This is twice as quick as a year ago. This trend calls for a faster response. But this is easier said than done, as most organizations are struggling with a shortage of security personnel.

Protect e-mail & endpoint
How can we stop the growing threat from endpoint and e-mail? Technology offers the solution that can help us stop more threats with less manpower. This calls for efficient e-mail security tools, such as solutions that can put a stop to the growing number of ransomware attacks. And it requires smart endpoint security to meet the challenge of increasing endpoint vulnerability due to remote working.

IBM alliance partners Proofpoint and CrowdStrike join forces
As a supplier of data-driven e-mail security solutions, Proofpoint is strong in predicting and preventing cybercrime from incoming and outgoing e-mail. CrowdStrike provides super-fast endpoint security. This organization is also based on insights from global threat and security data. Security specialists from both partners share a vision, approach and, of course, their data and insights. This means together they have everything in house to stay one step ahead of hackers who threaten the business network via endpoint and e-mail.

IBM Security Services has included the integrated security solution in its offer. Together IBM Security, Proofpoint and CrowdStrike can better protect employees at home and in the office. On the one hand their joint action stops more e-mail threats at the gate. On the other hand organizations can react twice as fast if endpoint contamination does occur.

Watch the webinar (45min) to find out more about the integrated e-mail and endpoint security of IBM, Proofpoint and CrowdStrike.

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