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Partnership creates intelligent cloud

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The IT environment has increasingly evolved into a combination of diverse cloud services, complemented by on-premises systems. Software-driven intelligence and automation help to get the most out of such a hybrid landscape. This creates new opportunities for IT service providers. Take the Belgian NRB, for example, which offers customers a unique self-service cloud brokerage platform. And which also helps to get the maximum benefit from data.

NRB is Belgium’s third largest IT service provider. With 2,000 employees, the company offers consultancy, software, infrastructure and cloud services. Thanks to its recently concluded partnership with IBM, NRB addresses customer challenges that extend beyond creating the optimum hybrid cloud infrastructure. Thanks to cognitive technology – a component of IBM Cloud the data that flows through the total IT landscape can be automated, monitored, managed and processed.

In addition to its link to the IBM Cloud, the new cloud environment with which NRB will work. It is also linked to the platforms of the other three major worldwide providers. According to NRB, this brings the ‘best provider-independent hybrid cloud platform’ within scope for organizations. This is precisely the domain in which the Belgian IT service provider wants to gain market leadership.

Desired flexibility

Connecting companies to the public cloud, as well as managing and integrating traditional and private cloud systems, more complex workloads and sensitive data, is precisely the type of challenge that IBM likes to handle. “We provide companies the desired flexibility,” remarked Jacques Platieau, the CEO of IBM Belgium, “in combination with the business-oriented solutions that are required in this new multi-cloud world.”

The collaboration with IBM helps NRB by providing the most recent and innovative technologies in the market. Thanks to the cloud-based ‘as-a-service’ delivery principle. This is then within reach for virtually every type of end-customer. This not only relieves companies of the burden of setting up and managing infrastructure; they also benefit from dramatically improved time-to-market.

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