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IBM supports Hack Belgium – will you join us?

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During Hack Belgium 1,000 entrepreneurs, developers, students and academics gather together to solve societal challenges with the help of cognitive and cloud technology.

By developing new disruptive technologies these innovative entrepreneurs change the way the various fields work, including mobility, healthcare and the job market.

It is no easy task, there will be sweat and certainly there will be tears again. But already we have seen beautiful outcomes of last-year’s edition that have the potential of making a real-life impact. Projects will live to see the daylight in participating companies, start-ups or other organisation formats.

Why does IBM attend Hack BE?

A start-up that attends Hack BE can link the right technology, whether that’s  IBM’s Watson api’s, IBM cloud or tech like blockchain and IoT to its idea or business case. IBM will share it’s know-how and aid their customers in defining the key factors needed to make their venture a success. This way the startup can focus in the development and innovative aspects of their product.

Sharing data and the open source principles are the basis of all innovative development in the cloud. This open and cooperative mind set is also a key aspect of the start-up ecosystem. IBM has a long history of open source projects with different communities. One IBM’s most well known open source activities is the Open Mainframe project of the Linux Foundation. Or what do you think of our free to use Quantum Experience? A platform in the cloud to get access to IBM’s quantum computer.

Sick no more

At Hack Belgium there are 12 different challenges to hack. The health challenge is powered by IBM. Each year, six million children still die before their 5th birthday. And infectious diseases such as AIDS and malaria continue to kill millions across the globe. In the developing world we face a new battle as our healthcare services are ill-equipped to deal with rapidly changing healthcare needs as a result of ageing populations and the rise of chronic illness. The good news is that digital technologies are promising a radical new world of personalized, predictive and preventative healthcare. IBM supports this challenge with workshops and experts.

Are you ready to Hack Belgium?

Keep an eye on Social Media, specifically on the IBM Benelux channels on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Or better yet, get organized around a challenge and participate!

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Olaf Bleekemolen

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